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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 27 The First Part of Headstone Island

Updated on May 21, 2008

You’ll find yourself in a room with a gulf between the doorway out. Crossing over is easy. Just Grab Medii with A and jump across the gulf. You will fly over to the other side. Be sure to keep Medii in your arms whenever you open doors. That goes for any door in the Earth Temple.

In this next room are three pig guards, and they are easy to take out. Harder are the bars to remove from the doorway out. What you need to do is take Medii and go up the stairs. There is a tower that you must get to the top of, so jump off the end of the stairs and you will discover how to fly! Fly toward the tower, then stand on the switch.

Play the Command melody, and you will discover that your consciousness is now in Medii. You can fly here over to the tower simply by pushing A to flap your wings. Stand Medii on the tower, then the bars will open. Put Medii on the ground before the door, and cancel the spell. Grab Medii and leave.

This room has a mess full of Chu Chus. There are Purple ones that can’t be killed unless light hits them. There is some light that you can lead them under, and then you can throw them once they turn to Stone. You can also use the Command Melody and take control of Medii. She has something on her back that reflects light like a mirror, and you can shine it to take out the bad guys. The mirror can also take out the odd looking statues, and you can use it on the chest to unlock the Dungeon map. You may notice a lid on the smoking pot. Take it out with a flaming arrow. Grab Medii and enter the next room.

What you need to do in this next room is see the statue. There is a giant nail on the right side that is concealed in the smoke. Use the Command Melody to make Midii stand in the spotlight and shine a light on that giant nail. Release her, and she’ll still be standing there, but you can pound the nail with the Skull Hammer. The bars on the South door will go down, and you should take Midii and go in.

In this room, two flaming skulls will come out of coffin. My advice is take them out with the Deku leaf. Climb the ladder and grab the giant cube, and drag it until sunlight is revealed. Use the Command Melody to get Midii in the light, and have her shine her mirror onto the treasure chest nearby. Open the chest and get the small key.


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