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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 28 The Second Part of Headstone Island

Updated on May 21, 2008

Go back to the room with the big-eyed statue and use the key to unlock the room south of there. You will see a room full of Chu-Chus, and most can be beaten. However, there are some Purple ones there, so you need some sunlight. Use a flaming arrow to take out tapestry, and light will shine in. It’s simple enough to lure the Purple Chu-Chus in there. Stand on one of the switches, then use the Command Melody to get Medii to stand on the other. A staircase will be revealed.

Here’s the tricky part, the switches won’t stay locked. The only way to take out the stairwell permanently is to use the purple Chu-Chus that it will unleash. They will turn to statues, so put these statues on the switches as weights, then quickly run up the stairs. There is a large cube nearby, so push it off the edge. The bars on the stairs will give way, so take Medii and enter.

Now this room has one of those Black Hands. To take it out, you can use a boomerang to stun it then hit it with your sword. If it takes you, you might find yourself in another room of the dungeon. Move the first Cube to the other side of the wall, and sunlight will be revealed. Use Medii’s light to remove the statue on the top of the one block. Then, aim the light toward the spiral markings on the wall. One will reveal a cube, the other a portal pot. Now, move revealed cube into place on its right angle track, and you can get to the next door. However, you have to push another cube to the wall to get rid of the bars on the door.

In this room, you’ll have to take out the piggies that dwell here. There is an odd spirit who can be destroyed. Find a convenient place, and use the Command melody to turn to Medii. There is a place where sunlight shines down. Use it to burn away some statues, then take out the evil spirit. It will only be temporary, so release yourself and kill the guy while he’s vulnerable. A doorway will then be revealed, so take it and go to the left unlocked door.

In this room, I left Medii on the higher level and fought bad guys on the lower one. You need to stand in front of the coffins, and when the lids drop down, take out the evil guys in them. They don’t explode so quickly upon defeat. In the last coffin is the key. Take it, and then the ladder out. Grab Midii and head to the door you can now open.


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      8 years ago

      Cool thanks


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