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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 29 The Third Part of Headstone Island

Updated on May 21, 2008

It is now time to face the Mini-boss, or bosses. These ones were pretty easy. I just got close to the first one, and hacked them with the sword until they came apart. Then I went after its head before its parts could reform, and he went down in no time. Two more will come out, so I dealt with them one at a time.

You will then receive the mirror shield, which you need in order to leave the room. Simply take it out like you do your sword, and then get in the light. The position it so it shines on that sun thing above the door. The bars will open.

Make your way to the room with the big statue head. While you’re at it, solve a puzzle that bugged me for a while. Go into the room south of the big statue head and use Midii as a weight to remove the bars on the door. Go into this room to the west, and use your mirror shield on the walls with the spirals. Go open the chest and get a Joy Pendant.

Now back to the big statue room. Get under one of the spotlights, and use the Command Melody. Position Medii in the other spotlight, and make her shine her light at the eye of the big statue. Use R, and she will stay in that position. Use your mirror shield to go to the other eye, and an underground passageway will be revealed. Go down the steps to it.

This next room, I simply took Medii to the other side of the suspension bridge, and ignored the creepy flying skulls made out of that blue dust that sticks to you. If you want to, you can take out the skulls with ice arrows, then use Midii to fly around the corner to land on this platform suspended by chains. There is a flying skull that you have to take out, but there is some treasure there.

You will see a rock, and if you cast the Earth God’s spell, the door will open. Enter in with Medii.

This next room involves taking out a few statues. First get rid of the mummy things, then go into the light, and take out three statues. One of them will require a mirror in a corner.

Take the east door and you will need to go around a corner. There is some mist there, and some of those hands. What I did is use the Command Melody, then flew Medii to the other side. I then boomeranged the hand, and ran quickly to the other side. Use the Skull Hammer to bash the large nail, then move the Large Mirror into its path. Get back to the other side like you got there.


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