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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 30 The Fourth Part of Headstone Island

Updated on May 21, 2008

Go back to that one room and go west. You will see nothing but despair fog, but there is hope. Simply run through it and there is a chest on the other side. In the chest is a key, and once you get the key, light will fill the room. You can take out the bad guys and you will get a Treasure Chart.

This next room is pretty much prepped and ready. There are flaming skulls that you can defeat. However, since it has a path of light on it, the spirit villains will wander into a trap and be vulnerable enough for you to slay. The hard part comes when trying to get rid of the statues, especially the on the west side. Simply position Medii with here mirror going opposite the way the light beam is traveling, then redirect her beam to that statue. The others you can get on your own.

This next room is full of coffins that fly open and can hurt you. So can the bad guys, so take them all out. There is another Big Rock that you need to play the Earth God’s Song in order to get past.

You will soon be in a big round room. You will see the boss room with its big lock on one side, but don’t take it yet. Instead, get Medii and work your way down to the last level, where another door is.

Enter this room, and use the Command Melody to make Medii fly and hit the switch on top of the large dais in the room. Move the mirrors around and eventually light the big sun in the center.

You will make an entrance west, and you’ll come to a room with a gulf. You will have to move a big cube down below to get up there again. You will notice that the coffins will not open when you get near them. Only light will open them, and once open, a bad guy will come out. You can take these out one at a time, and a chest will be revealed with a Joy Pendant.

An entrance to the north will be made. Go into this room and you’ll see a place with the Big Key. To get there, take out the skulls with ice arrows. Now that they are gone, take out the big knight as usual. You can then grab the big key from the chest.

Head back to the big round room with Medii, and use the Command Melody on her. Have her fly up to the uppermost level, then get there yourself by climbing the green vines. Then you can grab Medii fly over to the Big Boss Door.

Now, here’s how this works. The boss is a big ghost thing made up of terrible little things. You need to get him in the light, and then reflect the light from the shield on him. Eventually, he will pass out, so you need to use your power bracelets to lift him. Get near him and hit A, and throw him against one of those spiked poles. You can then take out his minions that make him up one by one. That can be done with a sword or arrows. You can even use that cool spin attack that you learned from Orca.

When it gets to the later areas, it is harder to get him, and the light moves around. Do not get closer to him, as if you touch him, you get possessed and run yourself into the spiky wall. Keep your distance and arrange it to reflect the light.

Keep going after the little guys, and the big guy will die. Go into the center of the room, and you’ll see some cool triangle. Medii will appear and you’ll all start to play music.


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