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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 31 The First Part of Gale Isle

Updated on May 22, 2008

You will then leave, and you can go to see Forest Island. Now, do not go on the next level to swing to the other side, instead, use the grappling hook and you will soon swing into the waterfall. (You will see Music notes emanating from it.)

You will see Makar again. Talk to him, then play the wind God’s Lyric. You will need to head to the Wind Temple. Just warp to Winfall island and then go north.

Go to Gale Isle play the Wind God’s Lyric in front of the big stone. Like the last temple, it will crack right open.

This next room is kind of tricky. What you need to do is jump down in the big gulf, then beat the bad guy down there. You might want to burn off the wooden cover of the warp pot with a fire arrow while you’re at it.

You also might want to take over Makar with the command melody, then walk on the tan circles. If prompted to press A, go ahead. A tree will grow in the area. If you put trees there in both places, a chest will appear and you will be 100 Rupess richer.

Use the Command Melody to get Makar up to the level by the doorway out. There is a switch there, so have Makar trip it by standing on it. The windstorm from the top will stop. You need to get back to the level by the door you came in. To do that, go to the spring thing and turn on your iron boots. Turn them off and move the joystick to get to that next level. Jump on the next spring, and then iron boots and spring up again. This time, use the Deku leaf to glide to the other side. Take Makar and leave.

This next room involves those weird statues that move. Take them out with an arrow and cut the back of them, like last time. Use the Deku leaf to fan the fan contraption into the room, and a wall will fold up.

Dodge the moving blade, and get the Makar to plant seeds at the circles. The bars on the door will lift, and you can leave.

Okay, here’s what is next. This room has some high places that you can’t get to, but Makar can fly to. There are three circles there, so make Makar plant seeds at all three places. He will then be kidnapped by those hand things. He’s actually in the next room, so take the next doorway nearby.


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