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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 32 The Second Part of Gale Isle

Updated on May 22, 2008

In this room, you’ll see Makar. He is trapped by two propeller things, which can be dispatched with arrows. When you go to see Makar, he claims that you have to be as heavy as the Deku Tree itself. You can leave by an exit to your left, taking out the bad guys with arrows and bombs.

This next room requires you to get two propeller guys. Then go down to the next level. You will need to take out two of those hand things, then take the Deku leaf to the floor. Use the spring thing to bounce upward, and there is a chest nearby with a Joy Pendant. There are two ways you can go, so go south for now and ignore the stone.

In this room, there is a whirlwind. Jump to the whirlwind and use the Deku Leaf. You will then go to another level, where a switch is. Flip the switch, and you’ll see a bridge come up. Jump to it, and then go into the next room.

You’ll have to take out a wizard guy there with arrows, but you can work your way with the Deku leaf South, and you’ll glide to a chest that contains the Dungeon Map. Travelling West from there is difficult, because you will run out of magic before you get to the door where you need to get.

There is a little bridge with some skulls on it. Open the skulls with your sword and you will get some extra magic. It is difficult landing on that side because it is guarded. take out the propeller guys with the boomerang, and avoid the sorcerer guy until you can take him out with your sword. If you fall in that area, you will find some vines that you can climb to that side.

When you enter this room, you will see a springy nail. Get on it with iron boots, and the entire floor will open up. Take out the propeller things floating around. Then jump from ramp to ramp until you work your way down. You will soon get to a chest that contains the Dungeon Compass.

Keep working your way down, and open the door without the lock. You will see some spikes on one side, and there are some cracked panels in the floor. Use you iron boots to crack them. Defeat all the foes in that room.

Now you must move the springy thing underneath another hole to get out. It is actually marked pretty clearly. You will have to move the other cube to get to that spring thing, though. Spring up and get the key from the chest.


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