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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 33: The Third Part of Gale Isle

Updated on May 22, 2008

Leave the room, and cross over to the locked side. You will soon meet the mini-boss, a wizard who keeps making foes. I found that I took out the smaller foes, like the little wizard and propeller guys. However, unless you take out the bigger wizard with arrows, he will constantly make new foes. Don’t let this happen, and take him down. Take down the smaller ones next.

A chest will appear, so go and claim your hookshot. Use that on the target, then use the Skull Hammer to beat down the big nail. The bars of the door will open, and you can walk out.

Now, to get up there, you need to use the hookshot targets. At one point, you will have to sail across with the Deku Leaf to get to the place where you found the dungeon compass. You will have to use your spring boards as well. Hookshot your way until you reach Makar’s prison. Turn your iron boots on, and aim for the target in the statue’s head. The head will fall over, and you will free Makar.

Head west from there to the door. You’ll need to use the Command Melody to get over there. There is a wizard who tries to stop you but he can be taken with arrows. Makar will then tell you that using his trees are hookshot targets, and that’s how you make it to the top door.

This room involves some skulls, who will get in your way as Makar makes trees. The skulls are vulnerable to the hookshot, and when you grab them, you can hack them helplessly with your sword. You should take out all four first, then have Makar make the necessary stops to plant his trees. Hookshot them, and then move on from there. You will need to take on one of those hand things.

Once you get up to this room, simply put Makar on one switch with you on the other. The floor will open once more, and you can fly across to the place where the funny statues come to life.

You can now go to that stone that you had neglected earlier. With Makar with you, that stone will crack right open. Go into this room, and you will find three knights. They are tricky to beat and get behind, but once you got them, you got them. The bars will open, and you will have a chest with the Big Key.

Get back into the room, and use the Deku Leaf on the fan to give yourself a floor. Work your way down to the bottom, and have Makar plant seeds in the areas located down below. Some Rotors will now be going, and you can ride those all the way to the top. Get a chest on the east, and use it to get to the doorway on top. You can use those same rotors to get Makar up there too.

In this room, there are six or seven of those statues. Hit them with arrows then slash the gemstone on their backsides. They tend to gang, so be careful. Once they are killed, the door will open, and a chest with a key will be revealed. Get that key.


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