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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 34 The Fourth Part of Gale Isle

Updated on May 22, 2008

Get down on the bottom floor of that big round room anyway you can. Go underneath the blades, and you’ll see one door that you can open with the key.

This room has a lot of bad guys in it, just get rid of them all. You will then need to ascend the platforms until you get to the top, where a weight controlled switch is. Use your iron boots to weigh it down, and then the exit will be revealed.

The next room is somewhat similar as you must beat a bunch of bad guys at the beginning. There is a gulf, and what you need to do is fly Makar over the wind gusts and get him to plant a seed. You can hook shot onto that, and then fly to the other side. Take out the hand and the propeller heads.

This next room involves a lot of moving stuff around. Crossing the winds is easy, all you need to do is put on your iron boots. What isn’t easy is getting across. What you need to do is move two blocks so they block the first two blades. You can even push the block to the wall so the first two blades have no room to move. Move the next one across the gulf. Now, move a block over that block on the gulf, and position it so its out of the way. Now take Makar and walk forward in victory, removing the stone with that one spell.

Be sure to remove the wooden top on the pot with a flaming arrow. You will need it in case you die.

Now, the next step is to defeat the giant sandworm. You will notice that the sand draws you toward it, and it will soon try to eat you. What you need to do is wait until he gets close, but not too close. L-target this tongue thing, and then use the hookshot. It will come to you, and you can hit it.

The worm will get angry and sent three little sandworms after you. They can be dispatched with the boomerang, but only when they get close enough to leap. That’s when you can take them, and collect their hearts.

However, watch for when the sand gets dark. That is a sign that the sandworm is about to surface. Get out of the way if you’re not prepared for that attack.

After two or three times slicing his tongue, he will die. You can get your Heart Container. You can get in the triangle, and you’ll see some cool stuff.


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