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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 43 The Fourth Part of Ganon's Castle

Updated on May 26, 2008

From here, you will see Ganon, and you will need to take on his last three minions.

The first is, for lack of a better word, a giant puppet. To take it out, you need to use your boomerang and Light arrows.

Use the boomerang and select the strings above the puppet. There are four the control its limbs, and one on the tail. In some cases, it takes two hits on the strings to cut them. The worst is the one on the tail, which can spin so fast, that the boomerang can’t get a bead on it.

You need to do this fast, or the puppet will be pulled up and its strings fully replenished. Usually some bats will attack you at this point. Take the bats down with the boomerang and your sword.

When the strings are snapped, the puppet will move slower, and you can shoot the blue orb on its tail with a light arrow. Watch out that puppetman doesn’t fall on you, as he is prone to do so.

Once you hit him three times, the puppet will die. Keep in mind that you need magic to power the light arrows, and if you run out of magic or arrows, the dead bats should eventually give some of each. He will then be replaced by a spider.

The spider has a habit of crawling up on the ceiling, then dropping on you. In between this time, bats will appear.

What you need to do is quickly discharge of the bats, and keep moving. Do not stay in one place to long, or the spider will drop its body on you. When the spider drops, hopefully its blue orb of a tail will be visible. Shoot the tail with a light arrow three times, and it will die.

From there, the spider becomes this worm that moves and hits like a freight train. Hitting it in the face is simple with an L-target, but not enough to stop it for very long. The worst case scenario is when you are cornered, and the worm hits you everything and you are helpless.

You may find that you are helpless, but the worm does shed some burr-like things that will stick to you. You can power swipe to get rid of them, and they can carry arrows, magic, and hearts that you will need.

As you might have guessed, you have to hit the blue orb on the worm’s tail with three light arrows in order to kill it. My best strategy was to stand at a distance from the worm and just keep firing light arrows until he was good and dead, which couldn’t have been too soon.


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