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The Love Project Authors Forward

Updated on February 14, 2008

The Love project


This is a authors forward to a fiction piece that I am writing and will publish soon.

The premise to the story is a 10th grader who has a classroom project to write a paper. There were many themes and he is unlucky (it was actually lucky in disguise) to get a theme of true love. While others were having themes of sickness, anger, and happiness, the main character has to write about love.....Yuck He will have to interview people and include six of these people's opinions to support his thesis. He finds the true rewards of love and a multi-faced look at how people view love.

Love is gentle?

Love is care?

Or is it?

Love is different for everyone.


Love is not described in words

but expressed by two through their heart's gentleness.

A little update on me:

I have been under love's gentle enchantment. I have found someone so dear and true to my heart. I love her very much. I hope that everyone enjoys my piece and may truely find their true love.

I have gone my entire life without finding love until recently. Many people may not understand what a pure true feeling that love is. We try to describe love but many times the description becomes nothing more than a rationalization of why we love.........Just words if you will.

I have been married/divorced and I have met some people who I thought I loved. We all describe it as love in some way.

We have to say we love......Don't we?

If not what must we be doing?

If you ask some people, they will describe love as a mutual tolerance. I am truly sad when I hear that. For the people who have found love, I am so happy for you. It actually brings tears to my eyes. There is nothing more wonderful in the world.

I am a cynic by nature and a idealist in the purest form. Many people will come out and say that love is blind. There are two descriptions for this statement.

Love blinds us so we don't know where we are going or doing.

Love blinds us to what the rest of the world thinks.

I go with the later statement and I must say that love is unmistakable. This type of blindness is also all-seeing It is complete and to the one I love all I have to say is:

I love you.

It cannot be masked in superlatives. Love is what I mean. That is the word that saturates my soul.


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    • Ben Evans profile image

      Ben Evans 10 years ago


      I love you very much.

    • profile image

      Ysabella1854 10 years ago

      I love you too.