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The Luxurious Leo Woman

Updated on June 30, 2008

Halle Berry ~ August 14, 1966

Jennifer Lopez ~ July 24, 1969

Charlize Theron ~ August 7, 1975

Madonna ~ August 16, 1958


The Luxurious Leo Woman

July 23 ~ August 22

The Leo woman is adored by the spotlight almost as much as she adores it herself. Extremely confident and popular beyond belief, the Leo woman is acclaimed by her many admirers. She walks with grace and often times imagines herself to be a long-lost descendant of the finest royalty.

Style and maintaining prominence is of great significance to her. The Leo woman values the honor of tradition and expects to be present with those that possess the utmost politeness in manners. She is a great leader and defines her followers as those having the most brilliant taste.

Charismatic and clever, the Leo woman never lacks genuine sex-appeal. To walk beside her is to walk tall, otherwise her extraordinary self-assurance will overpower most. Praise, adoration and even worship is expected at the very least, for her that is, not you. Consider yourself one of the seriously lucky, allowing a lioness of her caliber to be your lover is akin to winning a treasure chest filled with diamonds and rubies.

Thinking of declaring your love for her with a simple bobble? Beware, the Leo woman is in tune with the finer things of life and demands no less. Present her with only the finest silks, most sparkling of diamonds and rarest of antiques, otherwise turn back now and find a less worthy creature to adorn. Extravagant beyond your wildest dreams, she will manage to dress your home as if it were a famous castle, even in the middle of the most humble suburbia. The Leo Woman may occasionally forget that there are bills to be paid when that fabulous coat happens to find it's way into her arms. Loving a Leo sometimes means watching your bank account carefully and sadly often.

The Leo mother will love her children unconditionally and full of ferocity like a mother lion would her regal cubs. Her children will be dressed to the hilt at all times, and wear only the latest baby couture. Don't let this extravagance fool you though, a child out of line, is a child that will feel the wrath of the most discerning of parents.

Compassionate, sparkling, radiant and a beaming ray of sunshine that is the true spirit of the Leo woman. Count your lucky stars and hope that you will make her half as proud as she will make of you.

Whitney Houston ~ August 9, 1963

Tori Amos ~ August 22, 1963

Angela Bassett ~ August 16, 1958

Sandra Bullock ~ July 26, 1964

Lucille Ball ~ August 6, 1911

J.K. Rowling ~ July 31, 1965


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