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The Persuasive Pisces Man

Updated on June 27, 2008

Kurt Cobain ~ February 20, 1967

Johnny Cash ~ February 26, 1932

Jon Bon Jovi ~ March 2, 1962

George Harrison ~ February 25, 1943

James Taylor ~ March 12, 1948


The Persuasive Pisces Man

February 19 ~ March 20

He is either the most creatively successful or the dreamiest vagabond you'd ever want to meet. On the one hand, the Pisces Man can conjure up the most unique business ideas, full of twists and turns that only the most brilliant could imagine. Unfortunately, there are just as many Pisces Men that will dive into a salty scheme head first without any sort of well-thought out plan B. This would either mean a20 life of fame and fortune or a legacy of financial ruin. It really all depends on the ability of the Pisces Man to distinguish between that fine line of dream and consequences. The right woman behind managing his affairs can make all the difference. A woman who will be richly rewarded not just by monetary gains but by the most passionate and loyal of lovers.

The Pisces Man is most tender. He will have the distinct advantage of looking deep into your eyes and readily finding your soul. A poetic spirit is he who can hold your hand and guide you through the most intense of times with the most unshakable hope. He instinctively knows how to always aim for the moon, and as luck would have it, he will hit his mark every time. It's not that the Pisces Man lacks ambition, sort to speak, it's that he realizes more than most, that it takes very little in this world to be truly happy. As long as there is a steady roof overhead, and a table set with a fabulous feast, he will truly wonder what more could anyone want.

His love for you will be immeasurable, the Pisces Man is known to proudly proclaim his lover's name often. So often, in fact, that his friends will envy his adoring appreciation. There is no man that is happier in spouting his partners accomplishments and successes as the Pisces Man. There is also no man, who's pride is shaken, if his love earns more money or is better known than he. The Pisces Man is very comfortable in himself, and doesn't possess the usual male persona of needing to brag. His children and his wife are enough to satisfy any and all of his desires and sincerely sees their love as his greatest achievement.

The Pisces Man is also a great friend indeed. He will hold his opinions until he knows all the facts. He will fight for those unjustly accused and dispute any claims made of their dishonor. The Pisces Man will always feel your pain and compassionately be able to identify with you. A most sympathetic man who will value your hardships and sincerely wish your struggles gone. If you choose to confide in this remarkable man, be secure in knowing, your secrets are safe and held close to his heart. If there is a possibility that he can help you, know that he will.

In his quest for genuine awareness, the Pisces Man desires to search out his spirit in his own time. Meditation is necessary to figure out which road he must travel. He will at all times value your view. Always keep him aware of how much you admire and adore him. He is sometimes in a private battle with his boundaries, afraid to test his own strengths. That's where you come in, kind words hold immense power to nurturing his being. Choose your words carefully, and understand the influence they carry. You mean the world to him and in your eyes he must realize your respect for him. The rewards you will reap will be grand. Romance, incredible companionship and an ever-lasting soul-mate will be what you will find. Dreams do come true, ask any Pisces Man. He will not only show you how to find them, but the paradise in which they exist.

William H. Macy ~ March 13, 1950

Kurt Russell ~ March 17, 1951

Rob Lowe ~ March 17, 1964

Bruce Willis ~ March 9, 1955

Spike Lee ~ March 20, 1957


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    • summer10 profile image

      summer10 9 years ago from my happy place :)

      Hi Sufidreamer, I'm married to a Pisces man, so I wholeheartedly agree :)

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      Pisces men are the best - not that I am biased at all!

    • dsletten profile image

      dsletten 9 years ago from United States

      Great hub. My husband and I are both Pisces which can be dangerous if you aren't grounded!