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The Power of Belief: Your Mind only sees what it BELIEVES it can see!

Updated on December 18, 2008

The presents

I didn't SEE them.
I didn't SEE them.

What we believe is what we see.

Something astonishing happened to me yesterday. Through the power of my mind and the belief that my boyfriend was not going to buy me any presents this year, as he hasn’t for the past several years even though I always have a gift for him, I was able to look right through some Christmas presents he had clumsily wrapped for me the night before.

He stayed home from a party I attended saying he didn’t feel well, so I returned a few hours later to find him doing the dishes from lunch. He still didn’t feel that well. I felt quite nice and warm and fuzzy after seeing many good friends and enjoying food and wine. I was not drunk by any means, only happy. We talked a few minutes, and then I admired our little tree on its table full of lights and ornaments and cheer. I went into the bedroom, read for a while and went to sleep. The next day I had a lot of graphic work to do on my computer, so went in and out of my home office and was pleased to see my boyfriend, Michael, cleaning the light fixtures and being busy. He works nights so is off days and generally just watches television when he’s home, but yesterday he kept busy while watching the tube.

Beneath the Tree

See them under the tree? I didn't!
See them under the tree? I didn't!

Walking by and by.

I made lunch and dinner; we ate together at the dining room table, which is just beyond the little tree on its stand. We chatted casually, then I got up to do more computer work. He stayed to watch more television as he had the night off. Around 9 pm he comes into the office and asks do I want some popcorn. Hmmm, I’m not sure, hadn’t thought about it. “OK, I’ll have some if you will” I reply after a short silence. He tells me to follow him so I get up and he leads me to the little Christmas tree on its stand, which I have walked by all day long, and he says we should open one of the presents there. “What??” Where did those gifts come from? He states they have been there since the night before when I got home from the party and seemed to look straight at them. I’m overwhelmed with surprise and shock. I NEVER saw them the whole day through. There they were, four fairly large wrapped boxes under the little tree on its red cloth-covered stand.

He pulled one up and says to open it. It’s an air popcorn popper, so we make some and I eat it as I’m stupefied over my blindness. How is it possible to not even notice big colorful boxes under a tree that one has glanced at 20 times that day? I was speechless. He promised he hadn’t just put them there. They had truly been there almost 24 hours without me seeing them. My mind reeled. I practice Buddhism and believe that all perception arises from our minds. Reality is dependent on the co-dependence of all phenomena. Here was physical proof that our beliefs do in fact alter our ability to perceive. It was totally subconscious. Michael doesn’t buy me gifts; not roses for Valentine’s Day, not a birthday present, not Christmas gifts, not a Happy Honey gift, nothing. I’m used to it. My mind was convinced that no gifts would be under the tree for me from him, so I didn’t SEE them, at all. Freaking amazing. They didn’t exist in my realm of possible occurrences. The little tree stands next to a small telephone table where I had answered the phone that day. I looked at the tree many times. My eyes did not register the objects below that line of sight - I still can’t believe I DIDN”T see them.

Anything is Possible

It’s like someone hit me over the head with a laser wand. Truly, what we BELIEVE is what we SEE. The Law of Attraction states, “Believe it, See it, Receive it.” Our minds allow us to achieve or fail, love or hate, forgive or forget, see or not see. I am totally grateful for this mind-boggling experience. I can’t stop looking at those gifts so colorful and obvious. I’ve been preoccupied and mentally in my own world - this shook me up. Still I’m not sure whether to think I have an exceptional mind or an injured one! I choose exceptional. I will remember this as long as I live. We are what we perceive ourselves to be. The choices are ours - We can be ALL that we CAN BE, or we can suffer with our insecurities and weaknesses. Once the Mind is convinced, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

On a more material note: Don't let your loved one think you won't give a present - go to my gift site now and buy something, wrap it, and put it under your tree!  

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go there now!

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    • ruminator profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Big Skies, NM

      This is an older hub, thanks for looking!

    • Internetwriter62 profile image


      8 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      That is so wonderful when one gets an unexpected surprise from someone they love. Especially a gift. Yes perception does play greatly on how we see things and it can even make us blind to things that are getting better. I'm glad your boyfriend did something special for you, you know love is full of surprises.

    • ruminator profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Big Skies, NM

      I am interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced this selective blindness - please lemme know!


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