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The Power of High Heels

Updated on October 15, 2008

What is it about high heels that makes them so alluring to women and men?

Perhaps most basically there is the increase in height which is achieved by wearing heels. Height is sexy, in the most primal way, we respond to tall people. Perhaps it's because they are perceived as being stronger and therefore better mates, perhaps it is because they subconsciously remind us of the way adults looked when we were children, at any rate, tall men, and tall women engender feelings of respect and admiration almost as a matter of course.

High heels range from just an inch or two high, to the impossibly tall twelve inch heels designed by Manolo Blahnik and his ilk. That's a whole foot in height gained simply by slipping into a pair of shoes.

Because height = power, it also = attraction. (Watch out, we're getting all pseudo mathematical up in here, it must be serious!) Power is always sexy, whether it is a man or a woman who holds it. I hate to reduce the complexities of the human heart and mind down to base concepts like 'big' and 'small' that we learned as very small children, but it would appear that this is the main draw of high heels.

Of course, it is not simply enough to whack a person up on bricks, or give them a pair of stilts with which to stalk around the neighborhood. The high heel must be done with style, whether it is subtly concealed in a man's boot, or celebrated with a pointy little stiletto on a woman's shoe.

A stiletto is sexier than a wedge heel, which means that we must at some level appreciate the risk taking nature of the wearer. There is an undeniable element of dramatic flair that accompanies the sight of a woman tottering casually about the place precariously perched on one square centimeter under her heel. The rest of the world clomps clumsily about on the ground, but she floats with ease, barely needing contact with the earth.

Is it any wonder then, that some men also desire to taste a little of this power? We are quite some way off seeing the mass marketing of a stiletto for men (though it's a concept containing so much awesome, its hard to fathom why that is), but in the meantime there are millions of men who roam about their homes in heels, and really, who could blame them?


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    • outlawbybirth profile image

      outlawbybirth 8 years ago from Lycraville, Florida

      The power of high heels goes without saying and you can put them on overdrive with a great pair of pantyhose. I always keep a few pairs in the trunk of my car in the basic red, black and I can switch into them for fun with my man, yet do not have to wear them all night until I am in pain. But then again wearing pantyhose with my stiettos, my hubby always wants to massage my legs and feet. Give it a try ladies, this article is right on!

      Sweet Dreams,


    • Histiletto profile image

      Histiletto 9 years ago

      As a child, I was not concerned with the particular power and attraction factors of footwear whether they be for male or female. My mortal being just wanted certain thing. Did this desire come from a prelife existence? Maybe so, but darned if I know! All I knew is that "Mary Janes" and heels were items that were in my desired had to haves. I was too young to understand that society had forbade my wearing them just because I was perceived as a male. When I did come to understand this social taboo, my desire to obtain these items only intensified. Perhaps, high heels were also available for men to wear, this intensity might have been directed else where. Maybe I could have seen the current economic situation before it became a critical mess and been a voice to correct the causes. Maybe, I could have been more focused on research and development of a cure for the common cold. How about understanding the mathematical, physiological, and theoretical equations enough to figure out a way to restore a lost body part. Maybe I could have figured out a way to teach growing minds more effectively, than the current public system that is now in place. If you get my drift here, having these type of social rules that cause a person to withdraw from society to be who they are, only hurts society in the over all picture. Being able to wear heels would have freed my thought comprehension and capabilities to a much greater potential, then being concerned about social acceptance and forced into secrecy for the footwear I desired to wear.