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The Power of Lucid Dreaming

Updated on July 6, 2008

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Jung, who is a famous Swiss psychiatrist, initially came up with the theory of the lucid dream. It's the state of mind that is between the waking space and the rem space of consciousness. The moments in early morning before you are fully awake and late at night just before falling into deep sleep. He believed, that in fact, we are actually dreaming at all times. Men are probably more aware of this then the fairer sex, but daily fantasy/dreaming plays a huge part in our daily lives. Researchers have found that when we are awake, we are so consumed with mundane daily chores, that we are left unaware of just how often our minds take these playful, sometimes frightening journeys. An interesting theory is that while we are having lucid dreams, we are realizing a strange cross over between two separate realms.

When you are in the midst of a lucid dream, some of what your experiencing is a rational sequence of events, so much so, that you wake up remembering the encounter. It then becomes very easy to explain in detail what you just felt or experienced. The difficulty happens in being able to distinguish between the dream state and the waking state. You may feel unsure of what part was the dream and what part may have actually taken place. This, in turn, leads you wake up jolted and confused. It is a very uncomfortable feeling and it can leave you agitated and afraid. A memorable experience that becomes hard to shake and usually stays with you for the rest of the day. Many researchers also believe that lucid dreams are a way for the subconscious mind to deliver messages.

Lucid dreams are also typically brighter and more colorful than a regular dream. It has been found that amazingly, you have the advantage to take control of what you are about to dream, when you choose to. Undoubtedly, your dream will often stray and veer off course, but you can begin this dream however way you decide. For example, you may want to start your dream off on a beautiful yacht sailing on a perfect blue ocean, but then, only to find that your dream will decide to take on it's own unexpected direction. Suddenly, the beautiful blue ocean will abruptly become engaged in a fierce wind storm, where your control is lost. This is when your message from your subconscious will reveal itself. So, it can be particularly useful to keep pen and notebook close at hand for these moments to write down dreams you've just encountered, so that you can later decipher what it all may mean.

Religions from around the world recognize the power of lucid dreaming. The Hindus and Buddhists believe that a lucid dream can be recreated through a deep meditative state. The more deeply you meditate, the more advanced your lucid dreams will become. This will eventually connect you to a higher consciousness. When you allow yourself to take control of a lucid dream, it can prove to be extremely beneficial in your waking life, as well. It can ultimately become a powerful tool that will allow you to figure out solutions to nagging problems and the ability to overcome your deepest fears.

Here are a few examples of ways lucid dreaming can actually help in coping with fears and life in general. Imagine having a fear of heights. You begin your dream with a vision of being on top of a very high mountain. You can feel how afraid you are, your heart may seem to be pounding. Suddenly, you become aware that you can see everything that is majestic and beautiful down below. A sense of calm can surround you. This lucid dream experiment can help you overcome this particular waking fear of heights. You may also decide to re-enact something traumatic, that is buried deep inside, but this time change how you dealt with the ultimate outcome. This can help your healing process and the ability to move on. It can also empower you and put things in better perspective. You are safe now. The culprit can no longer hurt you.

Researcher have come to the conclusion that lucid dreaming is a forceful tool to incorporate into your life. Conquering fears, realizing answers or solutions to issues that have plagued you and manifesting positive changes you wish to incorporate into your life. Lucid dreaming can be used to help build confidence, manifest goals, and seek inspiration by opening up creativity. These are all strong arguments for looking into the strength and power of lucid dreaming. When you are able to master these techniques, it will allow your life to flourish in both a mystically healing and practical way.


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    • Alberto Trevino profile image

      Alberto Trevino 

      9 years ago from Modesto, California

      Good hub. I just wrote one on the same topic. Keep on hubbing!


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