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The Simpsons Game Strategy for the Wii Guide 18: Enter the Cheatrix, Part 4

Updated on July 1, 2008

After all the bad guys are gone, Lisa needs to find a lone trampoline in a corner that will take her to the Buddha. She will need to lift three pipes at U bends. You have to think in future tense on this one, because you are going to prepare for what is going to happen. Take one bent pipe and join the pink pipe with the orange pipe. Then join the orange pipe with the yellow pipe, then the yellow pipe with the green pipe. You have cleared a way for Bart for later

Now you need to take Bart to a series of trampolines. You will then see Video Game Cliché 11: Trampolines. In this case, the red trampolines take Bart higher.

Once up there, take out the bad guy maker and the bad guy. Usually one slingshot will do it. Make sure you get the Fifth Krusty Koupon located near here.

Run down the conveyor and avoid the smashing things. Pull the lever at the end, and an elevator will be made, in case you need to get up there faster. There is a grapple that you can use to take you down to the pink pipe. If Lisa connected all the pipes using the hand of the Buddha, then you will go through all the pipes until you reach the green pipe, and then it is on to the next area.

This final area involves Bart at first. He needs to leap on the trampoline, then get to the wire above him. He will glide to the other side, where he needs to pull a lever. Lisa can then come to the other side. She can then grab the Fifth Malibu Stacey Coupon in the corner and go visit the Buddha.

Lisa will learn the Buddha slam, and it will come in handy. First she has to use the Buddha’s power to remove a manhole cover with a handle, and a new tunnel will be revealed. Bart and Lisa must go through that tunnel for the final challenge.

Lisa is the one who needs to take out the enemy Ape, but you can use Bart to smash through crates. He will eventually find the Sixth Krusty Koupon and Sixth Malibu Stacey Coupon.

There are three Buddha statues here, two of them accessible by trampoline. What Lisa has to do is go to each, and Buddha slam the giant ape before it gets her. That can be difficult. I found that moving around was the best way, and hitting it the moment you got to a Buddha.

Once hit the Ape will throw a red barrel that destroys the Buddha statue near her, and she’ll have to go to another Buddha. After the third hit, the Ape goes down, and that is basically it.


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