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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 10: Lisa the Tree Hugger, Part 2

Updated on June 26, 2008

There is the Hand of Buddha place here again. Have Lisa Climb the ladder and have the hand of Buddha remove the umbrella-like cover on a certain loud and smoky machine. Drop the cover off anywhere. Have Bart go over to the machine, and he will glide on the updraft it makes. Have him glide over to the conveyor belt, and walk him over to a big spring. Hit A, and now Lisa can join him on the conveyor by bouncing on it like a trampoline.

Keep following the conveyor, and you’ll see two giant spiked grinders. You will also see some red squares by them. Have Lisa stand on one, and Bart on the other. The grinders will grind to a halt, and you can pass by them harmlessly.

You will pass by some lumberjacks that shoot at you. Have Bart shoot pinecones at them back, and they will go down in two hits.

You will then run into Video Game Cliché 7: Giant Saw Blades. Getting past them is easy, just go over them as they retract. On the other side of them, Bart can climb up a porch to get some more pinecone ammo that he might need.

If you find the right point after the sawblades, the machinery operating can be Z-targeted. Have Bart hit it with a slingshot, and the saw blades will stop. Bart can then climb on top of the apparatus to get the Second Krusty Koupon.

By the way, you should have Lisa go to the platform over on the other side, and drop down on the side without the ladder. If she follows the conveyor going away from the buzzsaws, she will find the Second Malibu Stacy Coupon.

Take one of the characters up the conveyor, as the large logs that once blocked it will be gone. You will soon reach a point with large chainsaw pillars, so avoid them until you can hit the lever on the other side.

You will then have to go through more saw blades, and you can turn them off with the lever. You won’t be able to go through the grinders, though.

You will need to jump down to the ground, and then jump on the buzzsaw blades stuck in the trees. Let Lisa visit the Buddha statue again, and move the loose sawblade so it is now in a tree. You will also need to guide the joystick down until you get to a section of the conveyor, which you must lift. The section needs to go down further and then dropped in order to bridge a river of toxic waste.


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