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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 13: Mob Rules, Part 2

Updated on June 26, 2008

Now, have her go back to the Buddha and have her use the Hand of Buddha to move the remnants of the floats to create a bridge to the next area. The floats are to the right, and you’ll have to go to the left to make the bridge. They will fall nicely into place if you let go of them at the right spots.

Have Marge cross the bridge, and have her send her minions after the two guards. You will find a weak spot (crack) in the wall. Have Marge send the mob to it, and they will bust it open.

Take out the two guards in this new area, and be certain to recruit Smithers to join your mob. There is a level underneath the parking garage, so head down to the very bottom and find Video Game Cliché 9: Cracked Up. There is a crack on this wall, so send the mob to crack it open and grab the First Try-n-Save Coupon.

Take control of Lisa, and have her take the tire trampoline up to the next level to see the Buddha. Use the Hand of Buddha to move the cars out of the way. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can drop them on.

Have Marge destroy the other billboard to enter into the next area. Recruit Grandpa Simpson to your mob, though.

There will be one corner with a box in it, plus a ledge nearby. What you need to do is have Lisa jump up to the ledge, then on high. She will find the Third Malibu Stacey Coupon.

The next billboard is electrocuted, so your mobsters can destroy it unless the power is disconnected. Fortunately, Marge can send Marge ahead of her, and there is a grate that she can squeeze through.

Sent Maggie through, and when she comes to a T intersection, have her take a left. She will find the Second Try-n-Save Coupon. Have her then go to the end of the tunnel, where she will cut the power to the electric billboard with the touch of the A button.

Now that both billboards are destroyed, go on to destroy 3 Grand Theft Scratchy Floats. This next area is kind of tricky to get to. What you have to do is have Marge Select the Elevator panel and send all her minions there. Let Lisa go to the Buddha and remove the engine from the elevator, the platform with all the mobsters will drop down, and you can now do some damage there.

While Lisa is up there, you should have her get the Fourth Malibu Stacey Coupon. It is quite difficult. She has to jump onto an above ledge, shimmy around to go around the corner. Jump to stand her up, and she will hop on the bars until she get to the awning with the Coupon on it. It is tricky, so just keep on trying.


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