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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 14: Mob Rules, Part 3

Updated on June 26, 2008

There are two floats to get rid of there. After Marge and her Mob smashes all of them, take Lisa to corner, where she can see the Buddha. There are two rooftop pieces on the building that can be put in two appropriate sections. You might need to change the angle in order to do this. Take control of Marge and send her up to get the Third Try-n-Save Coupon.

Now, there are three piles of debris that need to be moved to a cordoned off area. If you put the piles in the right places, you can send Marge’s mob after them individually. Instead of wrecking them, they will turn all three pieces into a ramp.

Go up the ramp, and in this section, you will see several places with spouting hydrants. You might want to recruit Moe to your mob there. The Buddha statue is nearby, so get Lisa to stop the hydrants with the large boxes labeled with the Itchy and Scratchy labels. You need to have Marge sent her Mob to the area in front of the Buddha to build a scaffold so Lisa can get to her.

Stop of the one hydrant that is down the street to the right of the Buddha. Send Marge over there to get the Fourth Try-n-Save Coupon.

Use the other to block the hydrant to make a straight path. There is a crack in the wall, and if you burst it, you can get Snake Plimpton for your Mob.

If you go through the steel door, you will then be on the final phase of the game.

There is the Fifth Malibu Stacey Coupon on top of one of the Squad Cars. These Squad Cars are the enemy spawners of this level, so you should take all three of them all out.

Now, you can use Lisa to go to the Buddha and levitate some cars to fall on the Squad Cars. They will do some damage. You should send Marge’s Mob on the squad cars, and then send them all on the statue of Itchy and Scratchy in the Center of town. Eventually, the statue will be destroyed, but the game still isn’t over.

What you need to do now is send Marge over to the wrecked area of City Hall. Have her put Maggie in a ventilation shaft on the top of some rubble, and she needs to turn three cranks. Watch out for steam that sprays from the side. Just wait for the steam to come down, and walk through it when it clears. At the first one, she will find the Fifth Try-n-Save Coupon. After the third wheel, the level will end.


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    • profile image

      1 more person 8 years ago

      you can also recruit principal skinner in the town where the mayors office is

    • profile image

      Henrry123 8 years ago

      there is another coupon for Lisa on top of City Hall do you know how to get it