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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 19: Day of the Dolphin, Part 1

Updated on June 26, 2008

Once the last level is defeated, you will be back at the Simpons’ house once again, this time in the back yard. You will notice there will be three glowing areas. One has octopus-like space aliens, another has Lard Lad, and another has dolphins.

These areas can really be done in any order, and it really doesn’t matter. There is an area that you need to go to in the backyard. Just jump on the hammock, and look out over the fence. You’ll see Ralph running into the wall and you’ll have successfully found Video Game Cliché 12: AI Running Into Walls.

If you take the dolphin portal, you will play as Lisa and Bart, starting out on a pier. There is a closed gate, and the only way to open it is to defeat the many dolphins. There is a box nearby, and that has some tuna cans that Bart can use to shoot at them. This is the Slingshot Ammo on this level.

Once the gate is open, have Bart hop across the overturned boats and ruined wood to the other side. By the way, if you fall in the water, you will die. This is actually Video Game Cliché 13: Water Warp.

When Bart gets to the other side, the grappling hook indicator light will go on. Flick the Wiimote, and you will be on an upper section of the dock. There are some crates here, but there isn’t really much in them when you break them open. What you need to do is go on the opposite edge of the shack, and outside, on a narrow ledge, is the First Krusty Koupon.

Jump back down, to where Lisa is, and have her go to see the Buddha. Lisa needs to grab the two green covered boats and make a bridge. One needs to be made by the dock, to join with the big white boat in the middle. The other needs to form a walkway to the tent. Let Lisa grab the First Malibu Stacey Coupon.

Have Lisa run back to the Buddha, and move the boat that bridges to the tent, so it goes to the upper deck. Have her push the button, and a door on the other side of dock will open.

Enter in through this door, and fight off the dolphins. You will see a few carnival games here. Bart can get Ammo here, but make sure he picks up the Second Krusty Koupon located near the Twirling for Timeshares carnival game.

Take the logged tunnel and there will be a few dolphins to take care of. Bart can grab some ammo here. Once the dolphins are defeated, the gates will open. Behind the right gate door is the Second Malibu Stacey Coupon, so make sure Lisa gets it.

In this next area, there is a spinning octopus ride that you should steer clear of. If it hits you, it will do damage. What you need to do is shoot the dolphins, and the gates will open when they are cleared. Unfortunately, the good sea captain gets kidnapped, so you have to help him.


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