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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 23: Shadow of the Colossal Donut, Part 1

Updated on June 26, 2008

This level is a little different than the ones that came before it. In this level, you are not going through obstacles to defeat a giant challenge or Boss at the end. In this game, the Big Boss is already front and center, and defeating him will automatically end the level.

Lard Lad is a giant with a terrible attitude. He will shoot green lasers from his eyes, and if you come close to him when he gets enraged, he will literally knock the wind out of you. He also has this really annoying habit of turning miniature Krusty Klowns from a billboard to live, and even though these creeps are easily defeated, they really get in the way.

I could tell you how to defeat Lard Lad and be done with the level, but I want to make certain you know how to get to the Duff Caps and Krusty Koupons on this level. There are a lot of souvenirs, as Bart has to retrieve 8 Koupons and Homer has 9 Duff Caps.

I have to admit, it is very difficult to keep from dying on this level while retrieving the souvenirs. Lard Lad and the Krusty Klowns have a way of targeting you or you’re the other player while you are seeking the souvenirs.

Because of that, he really makes a clear path to the souvenirs impossible. I realize that I usually try to put the souvenirs in some kind of easily obtainable order along the mission, but this time, I have listed them in no particular order. I just numbered them just so it was easier to check them off a list.

There are several to be found at the construction site. You will notice a helium tank that Homer can use to become a helium Homer. Near and above this tank is a concrete tube suspended from a crane. What Homer needs to do is float into that tube, and grab the First Duff Cap.

While Homer is there at that construction site, Homer needs to jump onto a crane. It is accessible by jumping on an overturned car outside the fence (assuming the fence hasn’t been blasted away by Lard Lad or removed the player) and jumped on. Homer can run to the top, and then do a Homer ball blast. (Make certain Homer eats food before he gets to the crane. There are donuts scattered about, occasional food in crates, and a mobile Taco stand nearby). If Homer doesn’t hit the point, he will get to a point where there is a Helium tank. Have Homer use the tank to get to the next level where the Second Duff Cap is.


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