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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 25: Shadow of the Colossal Donut, Part 3

Updated on June 26, 2008

Homer has two Duff caps that are located out on the street and don’t require any acrobatic insanity to get. The Seventh Duff Cap is located right in front of Krusty Studios, and the Eighth Duff Cap is on the edge of the Krusty Burger.

There is a building called the Ritz Hotel for Transients. What you need to do is have Bart hop on the building to the right of the front entrance, and then hop on the updraft nearby. Bart will float to the top, and he needs to jump off the roof onto the canopy below in order to get the Sixth Krusty Koupon.

In back of the Grease Recycling company is a dock, and Bart can jump from the dock to another dock to get his Seventh Krusty Koupon.

Homer has a Duff Cap that is located back there too. I had a hard time making him jump to his Duff Cap. What I finally had to do was either go to the top of the factory via the dumpster out in back. I then had to jump off the roof, onto the dock that has the Cap. I tried to go around the factory, jump on the wooden post, then jump to the other dock to get the cap. After retrieving the Ninth Duff Cap, it was easy to jump on the wooden post to get to the other side of the dock.

Both Bart and Homer then need to both go to the top of the Grease Recycling factory, and there is a dumpster nearby that will allow that. Bart’s Eighth Krusty Koupon is on the side facing the street to the right.

Okay, now that Bart has his eight Krusty Koupons and Homer has his nine Duff Caps, here is how to beat Lard Lad.

You will notice that when Lard Lad has his back turned, there are three trap doors. One is located on his hindquarters, the other on his back, and one by his head. In order to defeat him, you have to shoot him in these Achilles’ heels, and then mess with his wiring.

This is relatively easy for the first trap door. You need to have Bart come in from behind and Z-target Lard Lad’s Fat (ahem). The trap door will then open, and Lard Lad will be stunned for a little bit. It is pretty easy for Bart to jump right up onto that trap door. He will be prompted to hit A, and he will mess with the wiring.

At this point you will encounter Video Game Cliché 14: Obvious Weaknesses. This is the only video game cliché at this level of the game.


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