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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 26: Shadow of the Colossal Donut, Part 4

Updated on June 26, 2008

The weakness of Lard Lad may be obvious, but it is a little harder to get the second two trap doors. You see, you can’t just jump to them from down below. You are going to have to go higher up in order to get these trap doors.

The only way to do that is to make certain you can jump onto the hatch when Lard Lad is stunned. What I ended up doing was using Homer as bait, and had Lard Lad chase him while I maneuvered him in place.

This was tricky, because often times I would set him up for the perfect shot, have Homer lead Lard Lad just where I want him, only to have the computer move Bart exactly where I didn’t want him to be. You may notice that when you take over a particular character, that the other computer controlled character will attempt to stay in close proximity to the character that you are controlling.

Shooting Lard Lad in the back is simple, but getting up to the trap door on his back, or worse, his head was quite tricky. I found that one way is to stay in an area where there is a dumpster or some other device that can take you higher, quickly. I usually used Bart for this, because he can glide some distances, and so he jump further than Homer. In fact, I’m not even certain Homer can jump on the trap door, and if you could get him up there, if he is the character who can disable the wires. In all honesty, I did not try because it is a lot easier to get Bart up into those areas due to his ability to glide.

The second time I got to the trap door, it was mere accident. You have to position yourself to hit the A when prompted, and that can be tough because your adrenalin will be surging. You know the feeling. I’ve been in that place, then hit A only to find that I jumped instead of disconnecting wires. It is another feeling that you, a video game player, are probably familiar with.

My advice is hang around the construction site. You can use the dumpsters to get yourself higher, and there is even an updraft to take you higher than that. Shoot Lard Lad’s trap doors, disconnect them, and that will be the end of that.

Another possibility is get Bart on a high building, and Z target his trap doors from up there. When they spring open, you will hopefully be able to glide to them. Of course, this is assuming that the camera angle won’t turn on you, which can be quite difficult to navigate, as you may have found out.


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    • profile image

      Rainsong 6 years ago

      I've found, that on Wii, if you stand on that really tall part of the construction site, where you get bart to from the updraft, and if you go to Homer to get Lard Lad to go under there, bart will move around, but the computer wont make him jump off! Possibly because its too high, but I wish there was a stay button so I dont have to put bart on a good, tall building and then wait 30 minutes for lard lad to come because i dont wants bart to jump off... STILL havent got the third hatch

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 9 years ago

      partrick barton,

      I've got that posted. Just go over to

    • profile image

      patrick barton 9 years ago

      thanks 4 the help mr. rollins.

      p.s post how to do game over on wii!