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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 29: Neverquest, Part 1

Updated on June 27, 2008

Now that you have all the clichés and upgrades, you can go forth and conquer these levels in any order. The leftmost door opens the door called Neverquest, which is the only level of the game to feature both Homer and Marge together.

The beginning of this game can be confusing, because it is not obvious what the goal is. What happens is that Selma and Patty, as a two-headed dragon, breathe fire on the town below. What Marge needs to do is fix the damage they cause to the three houses that they burn. If all three houses burn down, then the characters will lose. You will then have to start the level all over again.

There is an indicator of the condition of the houses in the upper corner of the game. When one is burning, it will show. Marge fixes the house by Z-targeting the houses and sending her mob at them. At this point in the game, there is only three in the mob that Marge can rally: The Flanders kids and Ralph Wiggum. You will encounter other characters for the mob later on at this level, but they will just be clones of these characters.

Homer is the one who slays the dragon by rolling into a Homer ball and slamming into her. He can do this after the dragon smashes through the bridges. In between attacks, the dragon will hover in between the cracked halves of the bridge for a while. Homer needs to position himself at one end of the broken bridge pieces and launch himself at the dragon as a Homer ball.

Homer will need food for this task. Fortunately, there is a cabbage patch in the center, and some of the Hobbit-like homes have food on the shelves outside of them.

There are some souvenirs on this level that must be obtained before the dragon is defeated. Otherwise, you’ll move on to another level and will not be able to go back.. Marge’s First Try n’ Save Coupon is located in the right-hand corner where the waterfall is.

In one area there is a place called the Health and Mana Bar, and one of the tables will have the First Duff Cap on it.

You should be able to beat the dragon while Marge puts out one house. The dragon’s life meter will then go down with every hit. I found it easier to let the other two houses burn while Marge repairs only one, and Homer bounces into the dragon. After about five hits, the dragon will go down.


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