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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 30: Neverquest, Part 2

Updated on June 27, 2008

You will soon enter the Great Hall, and you need to get out of it and defeat the bad guys. There will be piles of bones which will crawl transparent Ottos. You can defeat them, but they tend to explode when taken on in hand to hand combat. Take out their piles of bones, and they won’t make more.

You should probably spend time defeating any and all enemies in the room. You will see these evil Moes which will shoot arrows at you. Homer can destroy their stands with a Homer slam or Marge can send the mob after them. Thanks to professor Frink’s upgrades, Marge’s mob can use distance attacks, so they can fire off stones and the players can stand back and watch.

You might also notice boxes around the room that look like big coffins. If these are broken open, then Marge will have yet more minions for her mob. You might need them as the mob can do a lot.

Send the mob to repair a place on the right with a spider web, and she will bounce up to get the Second Try n’ Save Coupon.

As for the area on the left, there is more to obtain. There is a wall with a crack on it, and if you send the mob after it, or have a Homer Ball crack it, there is the Third Try n’ Save Coupon.

By the big door there are two elevator-like platforms. Send Homer to stand on the one to the left, and have Marge assemble two members of her mob (as well as herself) on the one to the right. Homer will now rise up to another level.

Once he gets off, he needs to take out one bad Moe. He then needs to use the helium tank to go underneath the triangle with the up arrow on it. Once he pushes up that switch, the gate will then open.

Have Homer go to the right and up, and there will be a high shelf with the Second Duff Cap. He can take the Helium or just take the stairs and jump down.

From here on, it is a top down view like Gauntlet. For simplicity’s sake, I am going to refer to the proper directions as north, south, east, west, as they are constants.

Once the game shifts, go east then north. Take out the Bad Moe Maker, as well as the Bad Moes. Go west, then north. To the west, there is a wall that Marge’s mob can take down. Have Homer go south and take out the pile of bones and any Ottos along the way. He can then claim the Third Duff Cap.


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