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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 36: Medal of Homer, Part 4

Updated on June 27, 2008

Go back and climb the vines and go up and then across the roof where the last flag hangs. You should have Six Krusty Koupons and Four Duff Caps at this time. If Homer and Bart don’t have all these souvenirs by then, you should go and get them. If you do have them, grab the Twentieth Flag and move onto the next stage of this level.

You will then go to an aircraft carrier. The first move is to step Bart toward the edge to the right and use his grappler. It is important that after his grapple releases, that he glides and falls in the right direction. This can be tricky, so use your joystick and A key carefully. Eventually, you will get it.

Make certain to move Homer onto the lifeboat, then have Bart pull the lever. Homer will join up, and he can plant the C4 on the door by hitting A.

Homer and Bart will then encounter a pile of rafts. Have Bart hit each one with his Z-target then slingshot until they all fall down. Homer and Bart need to use the two ropes to get to the other side. The two characters will have to jump from one rope to the other.

Homer can plant is C4 and explode a pipe. Bart can use that updraft from that pipe to get up. He can then pull a lever to allow a ladder for Homer.

After taking out the sailor, Homer can take out the big gun with some C4. You will see an updraft, which Bart can ride up in order to get the Seventh Krusty Koupon.

There is a red barrel here. Soon you will encounter Video Game Cliché 25: Explosive Barrel.

Bart and Homer need to go around the aircraft carrier on the side without the crashed airplane. There will be some steps that will lead Homer to the Fifth Duff Cap. You may notice a Krusty Koupon there. Bart won’t be able to get that now, but he will.

Take Bart and Homer to the crashed site of the airplane. If they walk on the wing, they can jump themselves up to the next level.

Homer can plant some C4 on the big gun, and Bart can ride the updraft not to the next level, but the one up from that. He then needs to go to the left, climb up a net, then go across a deck until he can climb up one ladder. He then needs to drop down one more deck, where he can push some inner tubes down by hitting A. He then needs to jump down to that deck with the tubes, and run down to the end of it, pushing some inner tubes at the end.


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