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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 39: Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game, Part 2

Updated on June 27, 2008

Here is a lava area. The first thing you will notice is the foes, who will be a fiery version of the Comic Book Guy. You will then encounter Video Game Cliché 27: Elemental Enemies.

On the right, there is a platform rising up and down. Have Lisa take it and she will get to a higher area to obtain the Fourth Malibu Stacey Coupon.

Homer needs to Homer Ball and slam into Stony Pillars, to reveal a way to travel up. Behind these pillars is the Third Duff Cap.

Homer then must go to the next level and use the Gummis to destroy a tree, splitting it in half so it falls into two pieces. Then Lisa must go up to a higher place, where a Buddha sits. She must move the tree trunks across some stones and form a bridge. Lisa then needs to rise up higher to get the Fifth Malibu Stacey Coupon.

From there, have Lisa jump down from there and cross the bridge. You will see Jimbo taunting you into a pit that has a light shining from it, so jump down in there. You will see a video movie that looks like it is out of Pokemon or those other Japanese combat games.

You will then enter into the ice room. The first thing you will notice is the pillar before you. Have Homer knock it down with a Homer Ball. Then have Homer go to the steps and up to the ice ramp. Homer Ball off the Ramp with a power blast, which will knock down the stalactite. Have Homer go back up the steps and go off the ramp again, but go a little to the left, and get the Fourth Duff Cap. This is assuming that you didn’t accomplish both with one trip, which is possible.

Get Lisa up there with the Buddha statue. She can move the pillar into the small hole and the stalactite in the big hole. One of the characters need to jump on the small ice pillar, then to the larger one, then to the steps that will lead to the last stage of this level.

Once this begins, you will then encounter Video Game Cliché 26: Flying Boat. This flying boat has five propellers, but it only takes one to keep it in the air. This level can be tricky because the Sky Sumos will attack in three waves. Their goal is to take over the boat by shutting down all the propeller engines. Once those engines are all shut down, Homer and Lisa will lose, and will have to start this stage from wave 1.


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