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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 4: Bartman Begins, Part 2

Updated on June 26, 2008

You will see a glass window with a Duff BottleCap near it. Don’t worry about that now. You just need to find the secret entrance to the museum.

There is a pressure point nearby, so put Bart on that, and switch to Homer. A hidden passage will open, so send Homer in to get the Second Duff Cap. Video Cliché 5: Collectable Placement will come up at this time. I realize that this cliché is slightly out of order as you have not found number 4 as yet. Don’t worry, you will, it’s just easier to get it now. Don’t forget to trip the lever in the room, and the door will now stay open.

By the way, this has nothing to do with beating the game, but this area features an Easter Egg (for lack of a better word). In the back of the room, there is a skeletal hand reaching for a felt fedora hat. Now we know how the next Indiana Jones film is going to end.

Have Bart climb the vines on the right side of the room, and jump from place to place until he finds the Second Krusty Koupon. You will then run into Video Game Cliché 4: Pressure Pads that take two to make it work. Have Bart pull the lever, and a ladder will soon rise up. Put Bart on one of the pressure pads. Switch to Homer, then have him climb the ladder to hit the next pressure point. The door will open to the next area.

Enter in, and take the stairwell downstairs until you see a room that contains some Egyptian artifacts. Have Homer take the Third Duff Bottlecap. Homer and Bart can take out the Museum guards, and head back up to the big room.

I suppose this is the best time as any to explain that the guards can kill you. If they succeed in killing both of your characters, then you will have to start from the very last uncompleted checkpoint. This is a given for any level in the game with two players, which is just about all but one.

I found that Bart’s slingshot can do quite good damage, and is very accurate with a little bit of Z targeting. Homer has some good fist fighting he can do as well. At this stage, there is a finite number of guards, so concentrate on beating them all. Check each other’s health so you won’t die, and switch off if someone’s health gets low. This is another great game tip for any level.

Have Homer and Bart both climb the scaffolding to the top of the dinosaur. Have Homer stand on its head, and the tail will go up in the air to displace Homer’s massive weight. Then have Bart run to the end of the tail and have him glide off the end to the next floor.


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