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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 40: Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game, Part 3

Updated on June 27, 2008

The Sky Sumos can be stopped, of course. In fact, I highly suggest sending Lisa in when they attack en masse. The first wave lands on one particular side of the flying boat, and they will stay there if you attack them.

With her saxophone, she can cause the Sky Sumos to start attacking each other. From there, Homer and Lisa can gang up on them from there. There is food around, so Homer can Homer take do some damage on a few with a good roll.

On the back of the boat, there is a section that you can jump down to that will have some Gummi de Milos, but I’m not certain if you will have time to get them and get the Sumos before they shut off all the engines.

You need to concentrate on beating the Sky Sumos back. If any of the Sky Sumos happen to fall off of the flying boat into the void, they will be gone permanently.

Remember that it only takes one engine to keep the heli-boat in the air. So if the game warns you that you only have one engine left, you had better concentrate all your efforts defending that last one, or find one that isn’t working and pull its lever so it works anew. Keep in mind that the Sky Sumos love to shut off the engines again, so better take care of them all.

The Second Wave will bring the Sky Sumos onto two sections of the ship. It is difficult, but have Lisa use her saxophone to have one group attack each other, then take out the others with Homer’s ball attacks. Or just go for the slapping attacks that seem to work so well.

The Third Wave is a lot like the Second, and once it is over, there are three last souvenirs to find. I would highly recommend defeating all three waves before grabbing the Duff Caps or Malibu Stacey Coupons.

The Fifth Duff Cap is located in the center of the ship, right by the big mast. You are going to have to Homer Ball and then roll up the mast to get it. You are probably going to have to roll a few times before you get it.

The Sixth Duff Cap is located at what presumably is the front of the ship. There is a narrow edge of the bow that allows you to walk on it and get the last Duff Cap. It is, as you can imagine, very easy to fall here.

Lisa’s Sixth Malibu Stacey Coupon is found on the other end of the ship. There is a ledge just below, and she can jump off to get there. When she grabs the Coupon, she can jump up using the trampoline. Homer can also use the Gummi Homers down there for some extra ammo if needed.


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