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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 43: Grand Theft Scratchy, Part 3

Updated on June 28, 2008

There is one building located down the street that can’t be fixed in a conventional way. It is a brown building that actually is a radio station. Have Marge go around the back, and use the dumpster to jump up to the roof. There will be an area where little Maggie can crawl in.

Maggie needs to take the ramplike way down and turn left to get the Fifth Try N’ Save Coupon. She then needs to go to the DJ booth and hit “A” in front of a red and green switch. The station will now play “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dione Warwick and her friends. This is hysterical as the building is instantly made anew.

Marge needs to then destroy a billboard with a rapping dog on it. This will come in handy later. She needs to fix up a gym right near it.

There is a Buddha near this area, and Lisa needs to use it to lift a store called The Clip Joint and put it back on its foundations. Marge and her team can then fix it up.

Another Buddha will appear near the river. Have Marge go to an area near the river that has two warning signs and she can fix it up for a new dock.

To the right of the Buddha and on the beach is the Sixth Malibu Stacey Coupon. Have Lisa collect it, and there are some nearby rocks that Lisa must hop to like stepping stones to get the Seventh Malibu Stacey Coupon.

Lisa can jump across the rocks to get back to the Buddha, and she must maneuver the hand to go up so she can grab a big section of freeway. She needs to drop that piece near a broken piece of freeway directly across the dock that Marge just built. It will defy gravity and spins as it falls if you get it in the right place.

Lisa then needs to pick up the P dog sign and bridge the dock and connect the two areas. You now have a bridge to the next area.

This next area has some things that you need to get. But first, send Lisa over the bridge, then to the right. You will see a pipe with the Eighth Malibu Stacey Coupon on it, so have her go after it. You probably won’t find a better time than this.

The next step involves taking out the two enemy spawners. You will then need to have Marge’s Mob go after two things that look like snack delivery trucks, and she will convert them into pink ones that are now on your side.

You will then need to fix up a place called the Kwiki-fix, and a Buddha statue will appear by a gate which will open up on its own.

From there, the game goes kind of weird as a rapping dog will send cat-women with bombs to destroy those two trucks you converted. The way to stop these cat people is to use Lisa. Her hand of Buddha can lift burning cans that can be dropped on the cat people as they run. However, I found it easier just to use Buddha lightning.

Remember that you only have to defend one snack station. If the cats take them both down, you have to start this level from where the bridge gets built. That means you have to defeat some foes again.

The cat women come in three waves. Once the waves are over, get Marge to rush the stage and have her mob rebuild it. This level ends here.


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