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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 44: Five Characters in Search of an Author, Part 1

Updated on June 28, 2008

When you start out, you will be back at that theater place. There is nothing left to do, but allow the characters to stick their four keycards in the door.

From there, you will start another adventure as Homer and Bart, and you will be in the house of Matthew Groening. I believe that this is the first time that the Simpsons creator has ever lent his voice to the Simpsons, ever.

This episode starts out with some lawyers who can shoot files that actually do a lot of damage.

On the right is a trampoline that has a Gummi de Milo on top. I found it was quite easy to use Gummi Homer to take out all these bad lawyers. In fact, he can take out the cars, and one of them has the First Duff Cap.

As for Bart, there are some vines on his left. He can grab the gold bricks as ammo and then jump to get the First Krusty Koupon.

When all the lawyers are defeated (I think there is about seven of them). A flight of stairs will cover up the pool. Before going up the stairs, have Bart go a door that is on the right.

He will then need to take a trampoline up to a zipline, but don’t ride it all the way. He needs to jump off in the middle of it to the other line and drop down to to the floor on the other side. From there, pull the lever, and a door will open so Homer can go around and get the Second Duff Cap.

At the top of the steps is a head of a statue that holds the Second Krusty Koupon. With a little gliding and jumping, Bart can jump on the statue’s head and grab it without dying.

From there, Homer and Bart need to turn left. After taking out the lawyers, Homer and Bart need to open the door. In fact, Bart can hit the piñatas with his slingshot, and food and Gummi de Milos will fall. Bart can jump on the trampoline and hop from pillar to pillar to get the lever that opens the cage for the door.

You will find yourself at a pool with sharks. Bart can use his grappler to make two swings over to the other side. He can then pull a lever which will electrocute the water, causing to sharks (with frickin’ lasers on them) to float to the top, dead. Homer can then walk across them.

Homer needs to turn into a Homer ball and knock over a thick pole. He can then precariously walk over that pole to get to the other side. There will be some lawyers to take out, and another pole you have to Homer Ball into to knock over.


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