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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 45: Five Characters in Search of an Author, Part 2

Updated on June 28, 2008

Cross the pole and go to the other side. There is a musical thing that plays the theme to the Simpsons theme like that old Simon electric game.

I can’t think of any better way to do this, so let’s just say that each tile A through H, from left to right. Here is a code for the first bar: D E F H G.

If you miss it, don’t worry, because the tune will repeat. And it will allow you to do this any amount of times until you get it right. The second tune is in this order E D C A A A B.

The second time will open the door. There are some lawyers to take out in this section.

Take Bart up to the second level, and go left to have him jump on what looks to be a picture made from vines. It has a light glowing on it.. He can then jump to a ledge near some doors, then to another ledge that will take him to the other side of the room. He Can then jump to the vines, and climb to the top to get to another level. The Third Krusty Koupon is on the Orange Pipe. It is a difficult jump, that last one, but doable.

Go through the art hall to get to the pencil room. You will need to go through something difficult. When the pencils slam together, they will stay together for two seconds. Make sure Bart has jumped by the first second. As the pencils part, jump over the first line and run in, making certain to hit that tile. Go slightly left, and be sure to leap over the last area. You should have just enough time to make it and stand on that last tile.

In this next room, you will need to take out the lawyers first. There are two staircases at the end of this room. On one end is a pillar that, when broken by Homer’s fat ball, will help Homer get one more level up. He can then jump over to get the Third Duff Cap.

Be sure to go on to the dinner table and have a character hit the red button in front of the mirror. You will note where the light reflects, and it will also start some weird machinery on the bookcase. To get up there, have Bart jump from shelf to shelf until he reaches the top. It is during this time that you will see Video Game Cliché 29: Timing Puzzle. The last jump is difficult, and you must wait until the shelf is at the top before doing a double jump.


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