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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 46: Five Characters in Search of an Author, Part 3

Updated on June 28, 2008

After Bart activates the mirror, he can jump over the bookcases and glide over to a nearby platform, then up a flight of stairs to get the Fourth Krusty Koupon.

Take out the two lawyers on top, and hit the button for the second mirror. Note where it goes. Now have Homer go up another set of stairs and knock down a pillar, and knock down another. Homer can walk up both these pillars. If he pulls a lever nearby, it will activate an elevator. As it is, he must traverse across some odd thing with withdrawing planks and two hammers. If he falls, he can use the elevator he just activated.

Once he gets across, he can pull a lever and activate another elevator. He can then walk up the stairs and activate the next mirror button. He will then need to go down a little to his right and get the Fourth Duff Cap. There is no way up except to get to the elevator.

From that third Mirror, you can make Homer or Bart jump onto the chandelier. If you’re Bart, get off on the left side and climb the vine until you reach the next mirror. If you’re Homer, get off on the right side, helium over to the next platform (the one with two broken platforms) and jump on the swinging chandelier to get the Mirror. It can be done either way.

I would suggest using Bart to get to the fourth mirror first, then using Homer to get to the next. Just have him swing on the giant chandelier and go right to get to the helium tank. You can fling him over to the fifth mirror.

From there, just swing Homer over on the chandelier until you get to the other side. If you want to, you can kill all the lawyers there, or you could just go through the door to the next area.

You will then encounter Video Game Cliché 28: Evil Genius. Matt Groening will send his Futurama characters at you, but before you destroy them all, get the last of the souvenirs.

These both can be found right at the beginning of the room. Head Bart up the stairway on the right and have him jump on the balcony. Bart will find his Fifth Krusty Koupon there.

As for Homer, the Fifth Duff Cap is located on the bottom floor, but it is concealed by the left staircase. Just go around it on the bottom floor, and you’ll find it.

Take out the Bender robots any way you can. Eventually, another wave will hit, and two Zoidbergs will appear on another balcony. It is easy to take a character there and have that character take them out, then take out the two Benders on the bottom floor.

Matt Groening will come out again, and this time the Zoidbergs will be on a higher balcony. Have Bart take them out with his slingshot. Then have both Homer and Bart take out the Bender bots.

From here, Matthew Groening will stand atop a balcony and continue to strew out Bender bots until kingdom come. What you must do is have Homer turn into a Homer Ball in front of the pile of gold there, and power-roll up until he will break the balcony that Matt Groening stands on. The level will be over.


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