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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 49: Game Over, Part 3

Updated on June 28, 2008

Bart needs to run back toward the blue tent, and he will use his grappler to get to the other side of the gate. He can then pull the lever and let Lisa in.

The two of them need to duke it out with dolphins. Once they are all defeated, Lisa needs to go see the Buddha and move a giant hot stone located in the lower right corner of the room to the square pool of water.

Bart needs to glide on that hot steam of water as an updraft, and go to the right. After picking up some Halo ammo, Bart can then follow the roof to another tower which will have the Sixth Krusty Koupon.

Bart needs to jump down to the area below, the one that has a heavenly version of a Starbucks. He needs to specifically land on a porch there. If he doesn’t land there, no problem. There is a vine on the wall that he can climb and then jump off when he gets to the top. He can then use the lever to open the gate and let Lisa in.

Once in, Lisa needs to go to behind the Skybucks sign to find the Sixth Malibu Stacey Coupon. She then needs to go see the Buddha, and the two of them build a Starbucks like a doll house with a front wall, left wall, right wall, back wall, and finally, a roof.

From there, Benjamin Franklin will appear. He is pretty easy to beat after many shots from Bart’s slingshot.

From there, it is time to play Dance Dance Revolution with God. That is, it certainly resembles DDR, as you must go in the proper direction as a different Simpsons character crosses a boundary close to you. Beating this game is as simple as moving to the left, right, up, or down at the right time.

I found it was easier to beat him when I simply used the directional touchpad on the Wiimote rather than the joystick on the Nunchuk. This is one of those keep doing it until you get it right games.

You will have to do this game in four waves, each of them getting progressively harder. Even though this is pretty lame of an imitation, you have to enjoy the parodies of the Praystation, Xodous Box, and of course, the great I Am. Beat it, and you get the payoff which is odd to say the least.

If you have found all 30 Video Game Cliché’s, then you will be awarded with Video Game Cliché 31: Collecting Every Cliché.

Congratulate yourself. You have beaten the Simpsons Game. Yes, you had a little help, but you can now go on to something else.


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      Kitti 3 years ago

      Wow, just found this site. I have been suffering with NDPH for apemtxiraoply 10 years. Last year I was hospitalized 5 times. To see all these posts makes me sad that so many other people are suffering but gives me some solace knowing I am not alone. I live in NH but went to a headache institute in MI for treatment and it is the only time I have ever met other people like me. I try to keep it in perspective but it is getting harder. I never make plans and take each day as it comes. I work from home or would never be able to function. I wake up to excrutiating head pain several days a week. When I have a respite, I do all the things most people do in a week. Fortunately I have a loving supportive husband but I have told him to go on with his life and do the things he wants to do. This disease has held me back for so long, I don't want it to take away anything from anyone else. I will pray for you all. I try to never give up hope. God bless,Rose