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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 5: Bartman Begins, Part 3

Updated on June 26, 2008

You will then be at your next task: Drop the dinosaur bones on Dolph. What you need to do is jump down to the volcano and have Bart or Homer pull the lever nearby. An updraft shall be created.

You will need to take out the museum guards again, who will team up en masse. If you take Bart to look at the large dinosaur display, there is a Third Krusty Koupon.

Take Bart over the volcano and glide on that updraft, and he will bounce up on top to a pterodactyl, and then to a rope’s course. Move your joystick, and take Bart across to the tree branch. Jump from branch to branch, until you get to the highest point. From there, shoot a slingshot at the skeleton above Dolph (should auto target with Z), and doors will fall open to the next level.

You will then be in Springfield’s History of Man (and woman). The game will tell you that Homer can use a certain powerup with a BBA move, so have Homer use it.

You must take out Kearney by frightening him through the dioramas. Have Homer put his weight down on the Zap Your Past booth, then have Bart shoot the targets in order of left to right. You will see Kearny run through the way, and out the other side, a door will open to the next area.

The second diorama needs to have the second one shot first, as that will cause the drawbridge to come down. Then hit the first, and Kearny will come running. Shoot the third, and he’s out of there.

The third diorama is just in order, and when you make Kearny run, he will eventually run out of the exhibit, where you can fight him just like you would a museum guard. When he is beaten, the doors will open to the next phase of beating Jimbo.

By the way, the Fourth Duff Cap is located in that circular desk area, so have Homer get it before getting Jimbo.

Go into the next room and take out all the guards.

Have Bart climb to the top of the interplanetary rock and have him grab the Fourth Krusty Koupon. Have him drop down to the next level, and switch to Homer. Have him push a button, that will turn on a rocket engine. There will be three updrafts in a row that will allow Bart to glide to the upside down space shuttle.

Have Bart jump to the claw, and he slide down or up that area now. His sliding down removes the stand on it, so Homer can also climb up and grab the Fifth Duff BottleCap. Just to let you know, I had a hard time jumping Homer from the pole to the shuttle.

Have Bart jump from the pole to the Planet with rings and moons to the other one. Watch out for the moons, as they will knock you off. Bart then needs to jump to this one area where a lever is. When he pulls the lever, a ladder will come down.

Homer needs to climb that ladder, then jump on the satellite solar fin, where his weight will displace it. Bart can then jump to the other side, and now jump to the big ring around Planet Earth. He will then find the Fifth Krusty Koupon.

Jump to the saucer, then the other one. Keep jumping up until you get to the saucer where Jimbo is, and you will scare him silly.


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      Emii 8 years ago

      uno when you get to the sattalite bit do you jump for earth ??