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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 7: Around the World in 80 Bites, Part 2

Updated on June 26, 2008


You can take Bart over to the giant fan, and then jump. You will glide to the top of the roof, and if you follow it, you’ll see a line. Jump to the line and you will zipline over to a ledge, which you automatically grab onto. Keep going, and you’ll reach an area with the Third Krusty Koupon. You can easily jump down from there.

There is a ramp here with a piñata on top. Have Homer turn into a ball and flick him up the ramp. When he lands on the roof, normalize him by hitting the minus key, and have him jump on the nearest umbrella. He will bounce several times, then will land on top of the big sombrero. Your job is to get him to get the shield, and he will now be temporarily invincible. Have him walk into the field with the barbed wire (it should be straight in front of him), and he can safely grab the Second Duff Cap.

To leave this area, have Homer turn into a ball and smash the Big Taco.


In this area, there is a maypole to the right of one of the Bavarian houses. All you need to do is get Homer to climb it, hop off, then keep going up giant steps until you find the Third Duff Cap. Go up the Ramp until he is in the next country.


The moment Homer goes up the ramp, he needs to turn right, and then there will be the Fourth Duff Cap near a giant can of Duff.

Bart needs to do the rest of the work. Behind the Eiffel Tower are two beg kegs with a ladder in between. Bart needs to climb them, and then jump to the nearest umbrella. He will then go to a place where an updraft will take him higher to the top of a building. He needs to take the zipline to a higher level on the Eiffel Tower, then find the elevator. After hitting A, he will rise to the top. He needs to jump off, and glide to the white cross on the flag (just think of it as a lopsided X marks the spot). Once he follows the bridge, he will pull the lever to open the door to the next area.


As soon as Homer enters Scotland, there is a tower with an open doorway. In there will be the Fifth Duff Cap.

Bart needs to find his souvenir as well. Have him climb the blue and white stripped pole, then jump toward the vines when he hits the top. He will then spider-man climb sideways, but watch out for the two furnaces he has to pass over. Bart needs to wait for the flames to subside before he can crawl across them. When the vines run out, Bart needs to jump to a ledge, where there is the Fourth Krusty Koupon.

Getting to the next country requires Bart and Homer working together. Homer needs to turn into a Homer Ball, and go up the ramp to a Stonehenge looking thing, and the rocks will fall like dominos.

The tricky part is getting Homer as a ball to leap and land on the bagpipes, because he has to do a Power Slam as a Homer Ball. That has to be done in the air, but you will hear Scottish music when Homer hits his target.

You will then need to take Bart to that area, and have him jump on the Bagpipes as they blow air. Have him glide on his cape to the gate on the other side, and pull the Lever to get Homer into the next area.


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