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The Simpsons Game Strategy Guide for the Wii 2: The Land of Chocolate, Part 2

Updated on June 26, 2008

Take the curved bridge, and you’ll face off with the brown chocolate rabbits. You can punch them with B. You will notice that they leave behind some power up, which is good in case your health bar gets low.

The way is blocked by chocolate carts, so punch to get through them. You can also eat the giant lollypops and other items if you want to. Follow the path, and take out as many chocolate bunnies as possible.

On the path, there is a giant marshmallow, and jumping on it will take you up on the roof. You can find the First Duff Cap.

Also on this path is Bite Night Wii Moment, a mini-game where you have to face off with the White rabbit to eat junk food. You will note that I really don’t have anything to say about this mini-game, or as the game calls it, Wii moment. Play it and relive your Atrai 2600 days.

In the next stage, it will be revealed that the chocolate bunnies will not stop coming unless Homer takes out the fountains that look like Marge. Just to let you know, there is a marshmallow here that you can activate that will get you the Second Duff Cap.

The next area has three Marge fountains that must be destroyed, and all the bunnies removed. You also see a huge cake in the middle. Before getting on that cake, you might want to take the time to check the edges of the cake. By hopping from one platform to the other, you can obtain the Third Duff Cap, then go over to the other side to hop more platforms to get the Fourth Duff Cap.

From there, there is a lever that is Video Game Cliché 2. It is located by a small mound of ice cream, and you have to hit A to trip it.

Two ice cream sandwhiches will then show up, and you can jump from them to get to the giant cake. You have to time the jumps well, as the ice cream sandwhiches aren’t exactly in sync with each other.

Defeat the chocolate bunnies on the cake, then take the marshmallow to the next level. You then need to take the two marshmallows to the next level, then climb up the ladder. Do a Double jump to the ledge, then climb the ladder to the white bunny rabbit. Defeat the bunny with a few punches, and you will grow disgustingly fat.

From there, you will fall within the cake, and you will see the Fith Duff Bottlecap. Take it, then use a flicking motion of the Wiimote to get all the chocolate bunnies. I found that not all had to be beaten in order to win the level.


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