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The Tantalyzing Taurus Woman

Updated on June 30, 2008

Jessica Alba ~ April 28, 1981

Carmen Electra ~ April 20, 1972

Penelope Cruz ~ April 28, 1974

Michelle Pfeiffer ~ April 29, 1957


The Tantalizing Taurus Woman

April 20 ~ May 20

Taurus women are forever lovely and youthful. There's a mystical presence that surrounds her, always seemingly pure and radiant. A woman who knows who she is and has a quiet inner confidence that many desire and envy. The Taurus woman knows undoubtedly what she wants and what approach she will use to obtain her dreams. Gracious and thoughtful, she will be the one you most wish to confide in. A true friend like no other.

Experience is the Taurus woman's best ally. Mistakes will be made just like any other, but somehow her lessons will be swiftly learned as if boldly set in stone. Her independent nature may fool many of her ardent suitors, for the truth to her reality is to be nurtured and taken care of. Security is a necessity for this beauty to become fully capable of loving you wholeheartedly.

The Taurus Woman realizes early on that her visions of a prince charming will certainly become an actuality. For you see, faithfulness and an undying promise of loyalty is what she will require. Behold the Taurus woman's ability to treasure the simple things in life. Never one to lose site of the value of a dime, she will search the world over for the very best while spending the very least.

As a loving mother, the Taurus Woman will excel in the devoted care of her lucky children. They will always remain the apple of her eye, and anything that is required to keep them out of harm's way will be expertly handled.

Often affectionate and calm, you will be surprised to know that beneath this incredibly serene exterior lurks the passion of a ferocious green eyed monster. Jealousy does not become her. She can be possessive of the ones she loves and will not take lightly to the casual flirtatious remarks or lingering glances.

Know this though, no matter what hardships might be endured, the Taurus Woman will never leave your side. She will fight right along to ensure the ultimate good is won for the family and will never waiver her undying support. To love a Taurus Woman is to know grace, charm and a character comprised of honor and extraordinary class.

Cher ~ May 20, 1946

Uma Thurman ~ April 29, 1970

Audrey Hepburn ~ May 4, 1929

Rene Zellweger ~ April 25, 1969

Katherine Hepburn ~ May 12, 1907

Janet Jackson ~ May 16, 1966


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      katie 7 years ago

      Vivian A Fox is a Taurus too!! ;)