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The Union Inn -- Volcano, CA (Investigation)

Updated on January 21, 2009

At The 2008 Ghost Rush!

by Christine B. 2008

On March 28th the 30th of 2008 American Paranormal Investigations hosted a Paranormal Investigator Conference in Volcano, CA they named Ghost Rush. Over 50 people attended the conference, which was held at the reportedly haunted St. George Hotel--a perfect place for a paranormal investigator's conference! Dave Bender and his API crew did a great job with setting up and hosting the conference.

As soon as I arrived to sign in on Friday afternoon on the 28th I sensed a spirit in the parlor standing near the window. Her presence was so strong that I set down my equipment bag immediately and got out my EMF Gauss meter and camera. I felt her there for many minutes before she eventually disappeared. That was only my first spirit I encountered at the conference!

Many paranormal investigative experts from all over the country came to speak to the 50+ people who attended the three-day conference. Some of the famous names in the world of the paranormal were: Kris Williams from TV's Ghost Hunters; paranormal author and speaker, Lloyd Auerback Konstantinos; psychic, Tiffany; the hilarious, Jeff Belanger; Mark Stinson from Ghost Vigil Investigations from Kansas City; and Todd Sheets who hosts "Nightwatch--The Radio Show for Things That Go Bump in the Night."

On Saturday evening at 10 pm the attendees and speakers broke into fiyr groups and we did our own paranormal investions of the St. George and the Union Inn, which was located down the street. I was in a group with Mark Stinson. We were the first group to go upstairs in the Union Inn.

I should preface this by telling you that the St. George and the Union Inn had been sold out for this event by the time I registered. Since I live only about an hour's drive away, I decided to commute to the conference. But on since Saturday evening was going to be a late one, I tried to get a room for that night. I was told that the Union Inn might have had a cancelation, so after I had dinner on Saturday evening, I walked over to the Union Inn to see if I could get a room. When I arrived I found that I was unable to open the outside door to the establishment. This was strange as I could see that it was open and that there were people moving around inside. I attempted several times to open the main entrance door to no avail. I walked over to the doors that lead into the restaurant on the first floor of the inn, and found that door to be locked as well. I thought this to be very strange. I went back to the front door, turned the knob and the door opened without any problems. I just shook my head, smiled and walked in. Eventually I was albe to speak to someone of authority inside, and was told that they did not have a room available for the evening. When I went to the front door to leave the building,once again the door would not open for me. I understand that this is an old building, but I had seen others walk and in and out of the same door while I was there, so I knew that it had worked properly for them. After several attempts to leave out the main door, I gave up and walked though the restaurant and used that door to exit.

Now, back to Saturday evening. As I mentioned, I was part of the grop with Mark Stinson from Ghost Vigils Investigations in Kansas City. Mark's team investigates a bit differently then what is normal for paranormal investigation teams, but he get results, so I was willing to try his techniques. The group walked up to the second from of the Inn and everyone, except me, sat on the floor in the hallway. There was a small alcove in the hallway that had a small desk and book, which I assume the Inn used for a library for it's guests. Because I have a metal knee, it's now almost impossible for me to sit on the floor anywhere! So I was standing in the alcove and everyone else in the group was sitting on the floor. Mark told us all to invision any spirits that might be present with us. When I visualized I saw a man dressed in gray wool pants with suspenders and a dark blue shirt. He was older and hunched over a bit and had a full gray beard.

After a few minutes Mark asked everyone to tell the group what they had invisioned. Since I was in the alcove and it was dark in the hallway, Mark didn't see me and i missed my turn to speak. The group began discussing something else when I felt a spirit presence standing next to me in the alcove. After a minute the spirit came very close to me. It almost seemed as though he was testing me to find out if I knew he was there. I interrupted what the group was discussing and told them, "I have a spirit pressence with me and he's speaking into my right ear." That got everyone attention and they all moved over to in front of where I was standing.

Some of the group members begain asking me questions and as they did I heard the answers in my right ear. One of the ladies sitting in front of me mentioned that she felt someone touch the top of her head.

I told the group the man was wondering what we were doing there. He seemed confused by our presence. No one really address this. Once the group turned their attention to me and the man he got even closer to me, almost as if he felt a bit intimated and he thought I could protect him. The questioning preceded as follows:

What is your first name? “William.” Your name is Bill? “William”

What is your last name? “Bennett.”

Why are you here? “Where else would I be? I’ve lived here my whole life, so this is where I am.”

May we take your photograph? (the man giggled) “Go right ahead, but I won’t show up in your pictures—I was invisible in life and I’m invisible now.”

People from the group began to ask questions at the same time and this upset him to a point and he left. When I told the group that he was leaving, the lady in sitting in front of me, Vickie Clarke, mentioned that she felt a cold breeze move by her, and another member said that she had felt it too. (The second person was sitting near Vickie.)

After that we all got up and went down stairs. We spread out on the first floor, after the other group that was at the Union Inn moved up stairs. When in the bar area I saw a black bar fall down across the entrance to the doorway that leads to the kitchen and restaurant area. I felt it was attempting to block me from moving into that area of the Inn. Once it fell down, however it disappeared.

At one point I was in the hallway by myself and when I looked over at the front door (the door that I had problems opening earling that evening), I sensed the man/spirit who had been speaking to me on the second floor. He turned and smiled at me and said, “Thank you.” I smiled back and nodded that I understood. I also felt that the man hasn’t moved on because he felt there was no one on the other side that would be waiting for him. That made me sad.

After our group left the Union Inn we regrouped outside in the street. Richard, the local man who was taking photographs was standing out there. Mark Stinson went up to him and asked him if he had ever heard or seen the name “William Bennett” in the historical files of the area. The photographer told Mark that he did recall a “Bill” Bennetti (he wasn’t sure about the exact spelling of the last name). He promised to look up the information and let us know what he found, but I did not hear from him. No need, really. I know William Bennett still walks the Union Inn and that he's waiting for my return. I feel compassion for the poor spirit who believes there is no one waiting for him on the other side.




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    • Christine B. profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine B. 

      7 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Thanks Jason... I hope you have time to read more.

    • JasonPLittleton profile image


      7 years ago

      Impressive hub, Christine B. Love it!


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