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The Unseen Guest in between Us

Updated on August 7, 2008

Supernatural phenomenon

Have I seen one or experience the existence? No. Have I had any feeling of uneasy when I'm alone? I do. The place where I was born and live, Borneo, precisely Sarawak, the believe that the supernatural exist is deeply rooted in our culture, although we have accepted Christianities.

Hysteria is one of the phenomenon that we believe is cause by the unseen visitor which is angry with us for what ever we do that make this unseen thing feel displeasure towards us. This believe exist within us ourselves because with reason unknown, suddenly the person involved will behave weirdly. Sometimes the situation might cause chaos and havoc because if its happen where there is a big group of people, there will be a chain reaction, where the whole people might get hysterical, especially among the young girls.

Within the last three week, the secondary school where I'm teaching is experiencing this phenomenon. Almost everday, within the schooling days there will be a few girls by the age 16 - 17 years of age will be hysterical. And today, 7 August 2008 is the worst day of all, the whole school is close because of this phenomenon.

Our school authority is trying their best to resloved this phenomenon. What they do sometimes is unbelieveable. Beside with special session of prayer, they also hire " shamans " from different speciality that they can get to get rid of the unseen thing that create this hysterical phenomenon in our school.

From this special "shamans" that they hired, we can get the answer what cause this hysterical phenomenon. This shamans will convey their views about what is this unseen thing looked like. Almost every shamans said that this unseen thing that disturb our girls student in our school is a very big, dark and scary.This shamans also said that this thing is unhappy for what the girls is doing during one of their outing trip to a popular Natural National parks in Sarawak, the Gading Nationals Parks which is still prestine with it natural habitats.


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