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The Wicker Man Movie Reviewed

Updated on March 15, 2008
1973 The Wicker Man Movie Poster
1973 The Wicker Man Movie Poster

The Wicker Man Movie Remake in a Nutshell

The 2006 remake of the classic movie "The Wicker Man" is one of those movies to watch and laugh at because it's really, really bad. Why a remake of "The Wicker Man" was made is beyond me.

The original 1973 movie has become a classic. It is flawless and one of the best horror movies ever. Director Neil LaBute's version of "The Wicker Man" doesn't have any of the qualities of the original. The movie stars Nicholas Cage and Kate Beahan. It also features Ellen Burstyn.

The Wicker Man Movie Storyline

The movie's plotline follows Nicholas Cage as police officer Edward Malus. Edward receives a letter from an ex-girlfriend of long ago. She informs him that her daughter is missing and requests his help. Edward goes to help his ex-girlfriend search for the little girl on an isolated island. Once he gets there, Malus realizes that he has stepped into a community run completely by women. There are few men, and none of them talk.

Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man Movie

The Wicker Man Movie Remake Is No Horror Movie and Nicolas Cage Is No Oscar Winner in This Movie

The film could hardly be called a horror movie. It has no suspense. Nothing is scary about it, except maybe most of the acting itself. Nicolas Cage's performance in "The Wicker Man" is abysmal. All he does is run around complaining and shouting throughout the movie. Even Ellen Burstyn can't save this movie remake.

The Wicker Man Movie - Got Plotholes?

The film has many moments that make no sense. There are several plot holes- events and occurrences that just never are explained. For instance, what in the world was the bear suit all about?

And Edward just seems stupid. For instance, at the beginning of the movie when Edward gets the letter from his ex-girlfriend asking to help find her daughter, he doesn't have a clue that he is the father. Even though the girl's age is the exact amount of time since he's seen his ex-girlfriend last. Edward never figures it out, actually. He has to be told by the ex-girlfriend.

Neil LaBute, Director of The Wicker Man

This movie follows in the footsteps of LaBute's previous movies. All of them have a slant about women being vile, evil creatures. This misogynous tale is no exception to his rule.

Watch the Original 1973 The Wicker Man Movie

The Wicker Man Movie Remake vs. The 1973 Original Version

I never would have advised anyone to watch this at the movies. I wouldn't even advise anyone to rent the remake of "The Wicker Man". If you want to watch a fantastic horror movie, watch the original 1973 version of "The Wicker Man" directed by Robin Hardy.

The Wicker Man Movie Review Comments

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    • Thom Carnes profile image

      Thom Carnes 

      10 years ago

      At that time Edward Woodward and I were both (more or less) the same size and build. Since then our waistlines have expanded more than a little - his more than mine, I think! Have you seen him recently - he's enormous!

    • Angela Harris profile imageAUTHOR

      Angela Harris 

      10 years ago from Around the USA

      Thom, What a cool comment! I am honored to have you as a Hub visitor, what an interesting story! You were Edward Woodward's stand-in? That is just awesome. You were smart in choosing not to watch the remake. It is truly a travesty, as you say.

    • Thom Carnes profile image

      Thom Carnes 

      10 years ago

      I must confess that I haven't seen the Wicker Man remake. This is probably because in the early 1970s I actually worked an an extra on the original version (and for a short time was also Edward Woodward's stand-in) and I just can't bring myself to watch the new (and apparently awful) travesty. From your hub, it seems like I was right to avoid it!


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