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The Young and The Restless ~ How do I love thee, let me count the ways...

Updated on July 28, 2008

I don't need any of you!!!

Victor and Nicky ~ Through the years....



The Young and the Restless

Simply a soap opera? How dare you! The Young and the Restless holds a valued spot in the deepest and most treasured space of my heart. Therein lies the decades long love affair that continues still to this day with the best written and most fabulous daytime drama of all time. The moment "Nadia's Theme" begins is where the stresses of reality drifts away and Genoa City becomes my warm and comfortable home, at least for the next hour.

My mother introduced my sisters and I to the hardships and woes of the Newman's, Abbot's and Chancelor's during the early 1970's. Those are some of my best childhood memories that have undoubtedly triumphed effortlessly throughout the years. No matter what sort of crazy drama my real life had to endure, there was that affectionate safe spot that easily drowned out the city noise.

Something very magical happens when a family bonds over a daytime drama. Well-defined character's and vivid scenes can bring about the most animated of conversations. Intense and controversial subjects are easily broached in a way that doesn't threaten anyone's vulnerable sensitivity. My mom was able to reveal her passionate imaginary love affair with Victor Newman like an innocent school girl. My sister's and I were able to pick-up conversations midway with a simple "did you see what happened today"? Even angry sibling feuds were no match for clutching a pillow and joining the living room floor for that daily appointment of complete and utter bliss.

The story lines have always been intricate and complex and kept us coming back for more. The actors that have blessed our homes with their never ending reliable presence and sometimes questionable talent were always welcomed with open arms. As a family, that time was precious. It meant a special moment where we could all be together, secure, protected and happy.

My mother has since passed away, and sometimes my sisters and I muse at how much she resembled Nicky Newman. Perhaps, it's in the way she pursed her lips, or by the sheer revelation of her crush on "The Mustache" himself, whatever the case may be, The Young and the Restless has added an especially strong link indelibly attached to my family. For however long Nikki, Catherine, Jack or Victor continue to grace our television screens, we will be forever grateful.


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