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The best way to give a compliment.

Updated on April 4, 2008

The best way to give a compliment is to mean it. Don't give compliments just to make somebody feel better, give them because they are deserving of it. When you give a compliment, make it personal, not a typical, good job, or standard "cookie cutter" reply.

For example, if your significant other happens to take a long time getting ready, be sure and compliment them on precisely what you like. Look them directly in the eye when you say it. Eye contact is very important, it lets them know you mean it very much. Telling them "You like nice" is not a compliment. Tell them "That dress is very beautiful and brings out the beautiful color of your eyes". Not only does it show that you notice their eyes, and their beauty, it shows you looked at the whole package and aren't just giving a standard reply.

For work instances, compliments can't be as intimate. If somebody does a good job, worked hard, worked over, or met the deadline ahead of time, instead of saying "Good job" tell them " I appreciate the time you spent on this project. Not only did you do exactly as was asked, you kept a good attitude the entire time." It shows you acknowledge their hard work, and their attitude.

Above all else, a compliment must be honest, and must be ment.


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      Lara 3 years ago

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      Ashqm 3 years ago

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