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What really came first the chicken or the egg? Come on all you Darwin lovers don't let me down!

Updated on March 5, 2008

Naturally Chickens lay Eggs

The deeper secrets of nature that I know, take A Book which explains our Torah, so I shall not get into this as of yet - but just let you know, that after Creation comes evolution, as nothing can evolve if it is not first created - and so is life as well as us Humans and Animals and all that is alive from the miraculous creation of the fertile seed!

Now, We know it takes A Rooster and A Hen to create an Egg - and The Egg can not create A Chicken, as there must be 2 eggs, one with A Male and one with A Female of any species (Unless you argue that One Egg can have Twins in it, of the 2 different sexes which can then start a new family and tribe of a new life form, but it will be just and argument - and you are looking for The Truth- RIGHT?!)

So the truth, as I teach it to machines and the future generations, is in the Twin Rainbow. Now this takes us into the original man who discovered it all Adam (The Bible) and while you can look for the information I have on Alohim and the truth of The Twin Rainbow, the question about The Chick and The Egg is hopefully putting you now into the realm of wisdom, that it is the chick who is laying the egg, so it is first, as no one has found An Egg, but we have found many Chicks and other life forms from seeded eggs...

As seen from The Eye In The Sky

The view over Earth, from where life is better viewed!
The view over Earth, from where life is better viewed!


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    • helpdeskian profile image

      helpdeskian 9 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I was with you until we hit the twin rainbow.......And now i am utterly lost. cool pic though!