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Managing Kids With Nutrition

Updated on September 25, 2008

Easy To Manage Kids...With Nutrition

At age Five my daughter came home from Kindergarten and told my mother, and I, "The kids were bouncing off the walls". The reason she said this is because she was raised as a nutrition baby. Breast fed until 3 (pump),baby food (natural), raw fruits and veggies as soon as she grew teeth (9months). What we didn't give her was: sugar, chemicals, red meat, pork, lamb, cows milk, chips, candy, products with "artificial flavor", and so on. Her diet was naturally sweetened with fruit, and fruit juices. Milk was replaced by Almond Milk. Her diet was well balanced with only natural fruits, veggies, chicken, turkey, eggs, whole grain breads, and cereals. Kids vitamins, and lot's of Distilled water.

I believe in telling her why, and how things work. She understands completely why we limit our intake of certain things, and omit others. She told us the kids at school were bouncing off the walls because she noticed it, and was able to differentiate at age Five, the difference in her behavior, compared to theirs. So much so that she was able to decide right then and there, she was not going to be like that, and it reinforced what I've taught her about sugar, and what it does to the body. (Great Book: Sugar Blues: Paper back)

She listens and responds well because she is Chemically Balanced. She rarely gets sick, and overall in general she's a charm to live with, who is very sweet, and kind. She has always been that way, and I truly cannot think of one thing about her that I can even complain about. She has never been difficult, or problematic. She is accepting, understanding, and cooperative, and loves school. She does well in school, gets great grades, applies what she learns, and maintains a great attitude.

I realize this sounds like the wonder kid, but I am not even slightly over stating it. She is a dream to live with, and grow with, and being she is my offspring, and a direct result of my education...I believe she too is happy with the results. I have developed a method of how to tell children what they need to know.

Instead of telling them what not to do, tell them what "to do". Once the habit of doing that is formed (approx. 6 months) it will become a more pleasant friendly experience, as opposed to getting yelled at over & over. I used to verbally remind her that she is Mommies good little girl. Then I would tell her what"To Do" instead of what she was doing that was wrong. She responded by switching over to what I'd tell her to do, remembering she is Mommies "Good Girl". Always with a smile, and soft voice, and tone, never raising the voice above normal.

The fact is it worked, and it still works. This reasoning method has worked with a variety of situations. Reminding her of certain positive things on a daily basis helped her to understand, and follow with a good attitude. I have also never answered her by saying, "Because I said so".

Instead I explain it to her, and allow her to understand how important it is. You can always tell when a kid feels a need to understand. The face, the sighs, the body language, the stomping, the attitude, and even more. Taking the time to explain now...saves me trouble from the "lack of" understanding later. Sometimes the "Later" can cost you double time, or more.

My daughter is now 11 years old, and growing like a weed. She is a "Low Maintenance" kid, still maintaining a great attitude. She is well liked at school, and loves doing her work. She has a zest for learning. She still maintains our usual eating habits, and is perfectly happy doing so.

There have been times she has asked for certain junk in the convenience store, and my reply is usually the same: "We don't eat that junk silly". Then I point out what she can have. Pretzels, yogurt (past the sour stage, and has needed good bacteria), certain chocolate, certain ice cream, and more. What she wanted was replaced by a better product with safer ingredients.

People wonder why they lack control with their children. The facts are before us, and have been for a very long time. You just need to know where to look. Living a nutritious life style is what will give my daughter the best fighting chance in life to defend herself in as many ways possible.

Being healthy, and chemically balanced is the foundation from which to build upon. Then you have the child's attention, they will absorb what you explain, and they will be more motivated to want to cooperate because it will make "their" lives flow smoothly. They will be more aware, and have a better comprehension level, with a longer attention span.

Needless to say, my plan worked beautifully and my daughter and I have grown well with each other, and we are also best friends. I still have no complaints to report, and I miss her every minute she is away from me. She is extremely pleasant to be around, and everyone who meets her, states the same thing, and appear to be quite taken aback by her.

I owe my peace, tranquility, and happiness with my child to nutrition...100%. It has made my life so much easier, and allowed it to be a pleasant memorable experience, as opposed to a trying one. I believe she will develop into a very valuable asset in society, and lead others down the right path as well. She is proud of who she is, and her demeanor, and personality demonstrate confidence.

The moral of the story is that she never knew what she wasn't getting. By the time she figured it out, she got to witness other kids bouncing off the walls because they were in fact "pumped" full of sugar. They were serving it in the cafeteria, donuts, cookies, and sugared juice. My daughter was able to resist temptation because of education...period. I took the time to explain it to her, then she got to see first hand and make the comparison. Thus allowing her to decide in her own mind that the information she had been given was indeed accurate.

I believe a large part of parenting is arming your children with as many facts as possible. The better informed, fore warned, and educated they are, the better fighting chance they will have for "their" future. They are the future. Tell them the truth, and don't spare any details, and don't tailor it for a child's mind unless you see they don't understand. Let fear be a guide in some areas. Once new habits are formed, the task of it becomes natural, and freely accepted.

Always remember to speak to children from a position of love, not anger. They are depending on you to guide, and educate them in everything. Yelling at a small child is completely useless. They do not understand yet, and are not able to differentiate between talking vs. yelling. The only thing yelling will do is scare them, which in turn causes alienation in certain areas of a forming relationship, among other things.

I am extremely happy with the results nutrition has brought to my families life. We are able to advance together with happiness as our main ingredient. Of course we must credit the wonderful Vitamins, and supplements that help keep us balanced too.

I'm certain we would not have achieved the harmonic balance, and results we did, had we not included them as a main component. Balancing the body sets the forum to begin the transformation, and imprint new habits on the brain. Your Brain believes everything you tell it. Start feeding it some good positive input. (Great Book: The Prescription For Nutritional Healing: One of My Nutrition Guide Books).

It is the answer, because it works. Anyone who may have read some of my articles may be aware of what I have already survived, and managed to conquer. If I can do it, anyone can.

Mathematically, I am working against the odds, because of what happened to me, and what I live with. A person who is not sick, or ailing will have even better results than I did. As with my daughters results.

The main focus of how to get kids to absorb what you are trying to tell them, starts with being balanced correctly (chemically), so that they are able to process the information properly. (Firing of brain cells, etc.) Once that is in place you may be surprised by the increased level of attention, and cooperation.

Stick to the Natural stuff...So we can have 100% All Natural Kids that can make good decisions, based on thoughts from their correctly functioning brains. Feed them full of true "Goodness", and you'll get pure goodness back. With an extra pound of love, and lot's of extra hugs.

She's a Leopard on the Prowl

(Nutrition Kid) Leopard On the Prowl:   Halloween
(Nutrition Kid) Leopard On the Prowl: Halloween

Tigers Airbrush Original by D and D Sears, Artists

Airbrush Tigers by D and D Sears, Artists
Airbrush Tigers by D and D Sears, Artists


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      I could not have said it better myself! Thank you so much for acknowledging that things really can be a better harmonic balance if you take the time, and educate. My daughter "understands", and comprehends "why" we don't eat certain things. She's motivated to stay away from what we don't eat, and tries to also educate her friends that do eat junk.

      I do let her have ice cream, and yogurt which both have sugar, but she gets it in such small amounts on occasion I'm sure it would barely calculate to any signifigance. Over all she is a great kid, I really can't think of anything to complain about...and I did think about it.

      I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that my daughter is who she is, because of the nutrition, and strict guidleines I set for her. To me it is not the exception...but the rule. It is afterall what literally saved my life, so I could have my daughter. There was nothing to think about after she was born. I even had several fights with family members insisting I must give her cows milk, and baby formula, and on, and on, and on. Today those same family members take the same vitamins, and supplements I have seen the light...Plus I'm a Taurus the bull when it comes to can't help it...I care so much. Even if they don'

      I feel I may have actually cheated death by choosing this path instead. I know it was the right path because I made it to today. I wouldn't have, had I allowed the medical industry to have their way. Because it saved my life, is probably why I do take it so seriously...sometimes to the point of annoying people I

      I always get the comments like..."Oh No here she comes, hide the burgers", or

      They call me the food police constantly, to make fun of me...I don't mind though, having this stigma...I actually like it. I want to be remebered that way.

      The point to this hub is that it really does work, my daughter is proof, she likes school, eats veggies, does her home work with a smile, get's the animals water without being asked, keeps her room clean, and is always pleasant...what more could you ask for right? There are no temper tantrums, fits of rage, or any kind of poor behavior. She is on an even keel, very cooperative, and she perceives things logically.

      I'm proud to say what is written here. It works, It's positive, and people need to know for the sake of the children. They are our future.

      Thanks again!


    • Lou Purplefairy profile image

      Lou Purplefairy 

      10 years ago from Southwest UK

      I limit what my kids take in, but as they are 11 and 12 now, they have to make ther own choices, and from september both will be in high school, which makes "policing" what hey ingest far more difficult. I aim for a happy medium, giving them choice and information (both my kids now advocate the banning of microwaved food - ew!) and refuse to eat certain things at friends houses, stunning parents by asking for spinach salad and fruit instead of hamburgers and sweeties. Most of their friends go home from our house with tales of exciting but very different foods, and a few go hungry here because they refuse to eat non processed foods. I dread to think what my kids friends insides will be like when they hit 40, and I daresay that mine will probably go through the rebellious stage and ingest all sorts of toxins despite the fact that i have given them the information, just because they can, but, they have made the connection of feeling sick after eating junk, and do avoid it mostly. My kids do not have half the behavioural problems i find other parents have to deal with and think is "normal" an I am damned sure it is down to the fact that they do not get fed a diet full of crap and chemicals. I recently got a friend to detox her three youngest children and after 2 weeks she made the mistake of giving them sugar donuts, and paid the price! I am happy to say she seriously re-evaluated all of her childrens diet and now the children make healthy choices for themselves, and are a lot more well behaved and responsive. Your girl sounds like a dream! I wish more parents showed their love for their kids by showing restraint in giving them rubbish to eat instead of paying them off with fast food and video games. Society would be a lot healthier for it.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Thank you so much!

      It's so nice to know there are others who feel the same way. I think nutrition is a great way to allow us to properly bond with our kids, because they are actually functioning correctly. As opposed to being pumped full of sugar, I think I'll stick with the nutritional methods that actually work well.

      Thank you for your comment, I hope what I write can inspire you, and prompt happy, positive, uplifting thoughts.


    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 

      10 years ago from Portugal

      Really a great hub! I loved to read and realising that I could have written the "same" words talking about my 3 years old daughter :)

      Now I´m going to read your other hubs and become your fan ;)


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