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Theft in Bridgepointe Place Union City

Updated on October 8, 2008

How to prevent this?


We've lived here for only 10 months but we have been victims of theft and auto vandalism twice already. it is an enclosed community but no gates. We've filed reports about the theft and we appreciate the police driving by once in a while but honestly the Homeowners Association isn't doing much but beautifying the surroundings.

I am very upset since the items that were stolen are actually items we have bought for our children. We have a 10, 9 and 18 month old boys who we try to give as much as we can. We aren't rich so whatever we buy for them we really save up for it. Just like the portable dvd player we got for them. It was a dual 7" screen portable dvd player we got in target for $119 or so plus tax. I was so excited the day we got it because apparently it was on sale and the original price was over $170. My husband and I have saved enough and was able to get it. You should have seen the look on my kid's eyes when we finally installed it in the car. This was barely 6 months ago. The dvds of the kids were stolen too like my youngest son's Thomas the Train dvds (3 of them), Cars, Shanghai noon which my older boys love and about 5 more.

i had my old ipod nano in the glub compartment so that too was stolen. My son's backpack which inside had diapers, his change of clothes and our one and only nikon digital camera. It was in the car because of a trip we made to San Francisco 2 weeks ago. We wanted to see the opening of the California Academy of Science so we decided to fill my son's backpack with necessary stuff.

This is just utterly the worst day of my life. Just last night we watched the presidential debate and heard how both candidates wanted to solve the economic crisis. I am hoping they could. I blame all of these to the economic crisis. Imagine one time our gas was stolen. Yes our gas! Someone found a way to slash the rubber hose connecting the tank to the opening and sucked out our gas.

Now we are left with nothing. The only important things that my kids treasured down the drain all because some selfish people think we can cough up hundreds of dollars to replace them.

I hope someone can put more attention into this.


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