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Time Share Vacation

Updated on November 29, 2006

Vacation At the Resort

One day my husband filled up an application form not knowing what it is all about ,he said that what caught his attention, it is offering a free one night stay at a resort nearby. It was a great offer having been so long not having a break from work. We enjoyed that one night offer but few weeks later we received a call for us to attend a meeting and now to have a yearly week vacation was offered to us and we have to decide at that instance to take the offer or not. That was an impulse buying pulling out my credit card. There was a complexity to own a time share being a new owner it was hard to understand the process aside from paying another membership fee to another agency for booking in order to exchange the one week vacation to other places you wanted to go for vacation. Not only that there is a maintenance fee to be paid on that week the year you have chosen that is set ,if it is an odd number when that year comes the billing comes to you. That time we wanted to attend the Olympic Games held in Greece , the agency said we should have book it two years earlier so we stayed in our home resort for a week. The next time we stayed for a week was spent with my family that was used for the wedding of my daughter. The resort gave us a bonus time so it was nice for the whole family. On the first day of that week ,my sister from Norway arrived, following day, my sister from the Philippines arrived and the third day my brother from California flew in, in time for the wedding for the next day. They were all billeted in two units at the resort. We had sometime to chat together after the wedding They only spent three days at the resort and the remaining days was spent by the newlyweds in one unit and myself with friends. We saved a lot of accomodation expenses compared to what we should have paid in the hotel for our visitors. Owning a time share is advisable for family vacation and to entertain friends, since it is a few minutes away sometimes I bring friends, family members for a day to spend at the resort cooking barbecue, eating lunch at the clubhouse and children enjoy hours of swimming at the swimming pool. Walking down the trails is invigorating and we have made a discovery about a sport up high on the trees which is called air trek.. Trees are being connected with hanging ropes where the trekker(walker) will walk on the air. By the next time we will go there with my family we can participate in other cativities.


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