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Tipping In Mazatlan

Updated on May 12, 2007
A talented artist
A talented artist

So you are planning a trip to Mazatlan, one of Mexico's most beautiful destinations. But you may be wondering, how much to tip? Who do you tip? When do you tip? Here are some suggestions, learned first hand from our vacations in Mazatlan and talking to locals and other vacationers.

First thing to remember: The Mazatlecos who work in service positions work very hard. We have never encountered a rude local, rather they have seemed to bend over backwards (with a smile!) to ensure you have a positive Mexico experience. There is no minimum wage in Mexico and many people make just a few dollars a day. My opinion has been if you are vacationing in Mexico, please tip. Not only can you likely afford it, you will be remembered.

Here is a link to the exchange rate for pesos.

  • Restaurants

Your waiters and waitresses work hard to provide you with every request possible. Some places automatically add in a tip, some don't. If you get great service, tp a little extra.

  • Taxis

As you generally barter directly with the taxi drivers, a tip is not expected.

  • Hotels

Tip your bartenders. Tip the beach attendants who will help you get chairs or other services. The workers at the hotels and condos are always happy to help. Maid service should also be tipped, and if your concierge helps out, tip there, too.

  • Grocery Stores

The cashiers do not get tipped; however (and we learned this later) the people who bag your groceries work for TIPS ONLY. Often young or elderly, these folks do not get paid by the establishments. Please tip 5 or 10 pesos (approx. 50 cents to a dollar).

  • Vendors

If we barter a good price for items, we'll often throw in an extra dollar or so.

We've been told many visitors carry a bunch of dollar bills designated for tipping. This works, but one thing to remember is many folks would rather be tipped in pesos to avoid having to exchange money.

Bottom line: Mexico is a poor country. Help out those who are working hard to help YOU!


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    • profile image

      NiceGuy 10 years ago

      I agree, well said! I am a good tipper

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 10 years ago from London UK

      Excellent tips..(pardon the pun):)

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      valuable advice...thanks!