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Tips that will make you "Successful" at Work?

Updated on January 12, 2008
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Top of World

All of us want to know how to be successful at Work ....

Here are some of the time tested tips - practiced by all successful people ..

  1. Build Credibility - This is plain Walking the Talk ,You set expectation on what you plan on doing and just meet or beat that expectation. This builds Credibility for you in Others Mind. People like talking about people who are credible. Very soon you will experience that People are talking about you all around work . You have stick to it . It is not Being Credible for 1 month and go back to the old routine. This is the Foundation of Trust.

  2. Always look busy - This is not a tip for pretending to be busy . This is about , effective time management. You could be working 8-5 and make sure you value your and others time . If you called in for a meeting always ask what is expected out of you . If you do not get a response don't attend. This Skill will also make you good at planning and time management.

  3. Provide Help to Others- This is some thing which ranks high among the "making successful" Tip . If you are good at some thing and find some one struggling on the very same thing in which you are good at - Just jump and help them . This will not only gets you visibility that you are helping people out of the way - It builds a credible follower for you - Whose success you can tap on . This is building your success on others success by making them successful.

  4. Always have some thing new to your personality - This is not a show off game .This is about exhibiting new behaviour in a very subtle way that shows you embrace change naturally. You are not a fixed at time person . You have to be open to changes and let people know that you open to change. This Skill makes you very approachable and lovable by the management. People would consider to come to you for advise or sharing their ideas before it is talked with management.

  5. Be on Time to Meetings - This one thing anone make you 90% successful. Many of the opportunity are clinched by people by being available and the opportunities increases by being "on time".

  6. Fine tune your Attitude on a Regular Basis - This is the key , which will make you pioneer the success. The way you approach to every thing (You attitude) is very important. This is what makes a great leader. If you want people to follow you - They need to like your attitude. Attitude is very adaptive skill as you get better in attitude , you get more insight on how you deal with different things. You mind is very good in learning from past behavior and adjust to it .

  7. Always look for providing some thing extra (not a lot Just a little extra) then what is expected. - This makes you irresistible and works like magic.

All the above can be practiced at home and at work , in fact every where - where you have social interaction opportunity . In my next article - I will talk about - What is office politics ? and Why there is Politics ? and How one can take advantage of the politics . Till then Let me know, how the above point work for you . Looking forward to your comments and feedback .


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      Japhet 6 years ago

      Great stuff. 4.5 out of 5. Thanks