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Toast Trivia AND Advanced Toast Recipes For Beginner Toasters

Updated on March 7, 2008

When you're a completely lazy cook who can barely be bothered dragging themselves to the cupboards to find something to eat, toast can become a staple, nay, a savior of life. This is both a good and bad thing. On the one hand, bread is relatively cheap, and if you buy that fancy shmancy stuff with the grains and whatnot in it, it's fairly healthy. Chemists will tell you that bread ultimately breaks down into sugars however, so do watch out for that.

In a pinch though, like at 3pm in the afternoon when you suddenly realize that you haven't eaten all day and are on the verge of fainting, toast will get you by. Toast isn't only filling and nutritious, it is also an exciting blend of technology and food. The most common toasting apparatus is, of course, the toaster, which can come with 2 slots, or 4 slots, or perhaps even 8 or 16. In commercial kitchens there are toasting machines in which the bread is placed slice by slice onto a rotating rack which travels around in a circle, being heated and toasted on the way up, and then dropped down into the toast bay on the way down. These machines can also be found in public institutions such as boarding schools, where the person operating the toasting machine will invariably garner the name "Toast Lady", or "Toast Man".

Today I am going to share two recipes for those of you who feel like spicing up your toast life. You may use a toaster for the initial part of the process, but for the second you are going to need to step things up and employ an oven grill of some kind.

This 'Virgin Mary' Toast sold for $28,000 after the face of the Virgin Mary was supposed to have appeared in the cheese. Perhaps this hub should have been titled 'Toast For Fun And Profit.'

Cheese On Toast


  • Toast
  • Cheese

Cheese on toast involves placing thin slices of cheese atop the toasted bread and placing them under the grill. Special attention should be paid to the grilling procedure as grills operate on a different quantum level, the laws of which state that the moment you turn your back, the bread will char and threaten to burst into flames.

Go Garlic!

This garlic toast bread is even somewhat healthy due to the positive effects of garlic which include, but are not limited to:

  • lowering cholesterol
  • warding off the cold and flu
  • warding off vampires
  • reducing acne

More equally useful information can be found at Bad Cook Recipes.

Garlic Toast Bread


  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Toast (Lightly Toasted)

If you handled Cheese on Toast okay, then you should be ready for this next recipe. There are three ingredients involved this time, so pay attention.

Firstly you need to prepare your garlic. If you have a garlic paste or powder, then you're ahead of the game. Fresh garlic can be used if it the skin is removed and a clove finely chopped and then crushed (but who are we kidding, nobody is going to go to all that effort).

Mash the garlic and butter together in pleasing proportions, or as those cookery people say 'to taste'. Basically all this means is that you should put in as much as you like, and not more, or less.

Apply the butter and garlic mixture to one side of the toast, and put it under the grill. It is important that your bread was only lightly toasted to begin with, because you really want the melty garlic and butter to sink into the bread.

Remove from the grill before it burns.


There you have it toast fans, do leave feedback if you try these recipes, and report any problems you may have experienced in the implementation.

Happy Toasting!


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